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From Sports to Protests, Shooting L.A.

I had a dream, to one day photograph NFL football teams. It’s a dream that got its inspiration from the pages of a newspaper, with a 1974 photograph in the Herald... Read more »

Pen and Photo: No Greater Keepsake

Whether it’s a local football rivalry or the passion of a musical conductor, Mario Villegas’ stories and photos draw you into the experience. With more than... Read more »

Más Que Solo Noticias, Un Servicio Público en Impresión

Como uno de los principales mercados de noticias de la nación, Los Ángeles no tiene escasez de periodismo de calidad, proporcionado en muchas plataformas y en... Read more »

Los Valores Centrales de EGP Continuarán

Todo llega a su fin, dice el dicho. Y supongo que es verdad. Pero al recordar los días en que era un periodista recién graduado de la universidad que trabajaba... Read more »

Generations of Readers Counted on EGP: They Will Be Missed

It is hard to imagine our local news landscape without the thoughtful, ethical, and tireless coverage provided by Eastern Group Publications. It all began with Joseph... Read more »

A Voice in Spanish for Immigrants During Challenging Times

I started working in Eastern Group Publications in the middle of the 1990’s, the decade when voters in California wanted to deny immigrants a public education,... Read more »

Generaciones de Lectores Han Contado con EGP: Se les Extrañara

Es difícil imaginar nuestro escenario de noticias locales sin la cobertura reflexiva, ética e incansable proporcionada por Eastern Group Publications. Todo comenzó... Read more »

Shining the Light On Injustices Others Ignore

I was just 22 when I started my journalism career with Eastern Group Publications and I feel fortunate that EGP gave me the opportunity to become a voice for the... Read more »

La Voz en Español Para los Inmigrantes en Una Década de Retos

Empecé a trabajar en Eastern Group Publications Inc., (EGP) a mediados de los 90’s, la década en la que los votantes californianos se voltearon contra los inmigrantes... Read more »

EGP’s Core Values Will Live On

Everything comes to an end, the saying goes. And I guess that’s true. But in thinking back to the days I was a fresh-out-of-college reporter working for Eastern... Read more »

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