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Abordando las Grandes y Pequeñas Historias

Trabajé en Eastern Group Publications desde el 2008 hasta al 2012, y me siento muy afortunada de que este fuera mi primer trabajo como reportera de tiempo completo.... Read more »

More Than Just News, A Public Service in Print

As one of the top news markets in the nation, Los Angeles has no shortage of quality journalism, provided in many platforms and in many languages. For decades, Eastern... Read more »

The Eastside’s Record Keeper

As someone who grew up in East LA in the 1960s and 70s, and worked as a newspaper boy first at the East LA Tribune and then the LA Herald Examiner, I grew up with... Read more »

Se Pierde la Voz del Sureste

Fue hace casi 20 años que tuvimos nuestra última conversación significativa. Me ofrecieron una oportunidad por la que había trabajado tanto durante los casi... Read more »

Losing the Voice of the Southeast

Gregory Arroyo serves as editorial director for Bobit Business Media, a business-to-business media company founded in 1961.© Eric Tillotson www.erictillotson.com It... Read more »

Tackling the Big and Small Stories

I worked at Eastern Group Publications from 2008 until 2012, and I feel lucky that this was my first gig as a full-time reporter. There weren’t many newspapers... Read more »

Guardián de Registros del Lado Este

Como alguien que creció en el este de Los Ángeles en los años 60 y 70, y trabajo como periodista en el East LA Tribune y luego en el LA Herald Examiner, crecí... Read more »

Hoy Decimos Goodbye y Gracias

Cuando Eastern Group Publications anunció el pasado mes de agosto nuestras intenciones de vender el grupo de periódicos, realmente creímos que había alguien... Read more »

Today We Say Adios and Thank You

When Eastern Group Publications announced last August our intentions to sell the newspaper group, we truly believed there was someone waiting in the wings with the... Read more »

Children’s Health Program Renewed For Six Years

A brief, partial shutdown of the federal government ended Monday, as the Senate and House approved legislation that would keep federal dollars flowing until Feb.... Read more »

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