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Seniors Can Do More to Stay Safe and Keep Driving

Nearly 90 percent of senior drivers — who are more than twice as likely to be killed when involved in a crash — do not make, small, inexpensive changes to their... Read more »

One Out of Six Millennial Caregivers Looks After Someone with Dementia

One out of six millennial caregivers looks after someone with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, and the number is expected to grow, according to... Read more »

Hombre Admite en la Corte Trabajar para “Mafia Mexicana”

Un reconocido pandillero hispano de Los Ángeles, aceptó el martes en la corte su culpabilidad por distribuir metanfetaminas y colectar “impuestos” de otros... Read more »

Ex Chicana Service Action CEO Sentenced to Prison in Embezzlement Case

A former top executive of a nonprofit group that provides counseling, job-placement and other services was sentenced Wednesday to six years in state prison and ordered... Read more »

Mujeres con Sobrepeso Tienen Más Riesgo de No Detectar el Cáncer de Mama

WASHINGTON- El sobrepeso en las mujeres genera más riesgos de que no les sea detectado un cáncer de mama, lo que implica la necesidad de mamografías más periódicas,... Read more »

Whistleblower: Monterey Park-Based Medicaid Managed-Care Firm Improperly Denied Care To Thousands

In early October, an executive at one of the nation’s largest physician-practice management firms handed her bosses the equivalent of a live grenade — a 20-page... Read more »

With Help From City, Self Help Graphics to Buy Permanent Home

A nearly five decades-old nonprofit art institution in Boyle Heights is on the verge of being a first-time property owner, thanks in part to funds secured by Los... Read more »

Metro to Score Contractors’ Hiring of Women

New actions approved by the Metro Board of Directors will help improve the agency’s efforts to encourage contractors to hire more women to work on its construction... Read more »

Cirque du Soleil Se Enamora de México con ‘Luzia’

La cultura, la historia y las tradiciones de México sientan la base artística de “Luzia”, un espectáculo de la prestigiosa y mundialmente conocida compañía... Read more »

Northeast L.A. Gang Shot Caller Pleads Guilty In Federal RICO Case

A northeast Los Angeles gang member who was one of the ringleaders of a conspiracy that united three rival gangs under the authority of a Mexican Mafia member pleaded... Read more »

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