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Obama Lays Out ‘Family-Focused’ Immigration Plan

President Obama, addressed the nation from the White House Thursday, unveiling executive action he is taking that would allow as many as 5 million immigrants in... Read more »

Obama Anunciará Hoy la Mayor Regularización de Indocumentados Desde Reagan

El presidente Barack Obama anunciará hoy la regularización de más de cinco millones de inmigrantes indocumentados, la mayor desde que Ronald Reagan sacara de... Read more »

‘El Círculo de la Vida’ Campaña para Prepararse a Cuidar a Sus Seres Queridos

Hace cuatro años, Rodolfo Valle no se sentía bien, así que junto a su esposa Betty fueron a ver a su médico, quien le dijo que tiene la enfermedad de Parkinson,... Read more »

November 20, 2014 Issue

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Artista Chicana Comparte un Libro Diferente para Niños

En una sala colorida decorada con papel picado y piñatas en forma de calaveras, un grupo de pequeños sentados un círculo alrededor de Martha González escuchaban... Read more »

Vernon CommUNITY Fund Awards First Grants

Following through on their good neighbor policy, the city of Vernon is awarding nearly a quarter million dollars in grants to nonprofits serving nearby southeast... Read more »

‘The Circle of Life’ – Preparing for the Job of Caretaker

About four years ago, Rodolfo Valle felt something was wrong, so with his wife Betty by his side he went to see his doctor, who told he has Parkinsons disease, an... Read more »

Obama to Act on Immigration

Southland immigrant-rights groups are anxiously awaiting specifics of President Barack Obama’s plans to take executive action on immigration, which is likely to... Read more »

President to Break Immigration Status Quo Today: It’s About Time

It’s been a long time coming. President Obama will tonight lay out details of executive action he will take on immigration reform, which is unlikely to be comprehensive... Read more »

Can Hispanics Survive Obama’s Political Suicide?

Is it a “Clash of Titans,” or a Titanic crash? President Barack Obama is about to test the limits of the U. S. Constitution-backed government “of the people,... Read more »

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