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Let’s Revive Neighborhood Watch

We’ve noticed that many of the neighborhood watch signs we’ve come across lately are old and in disrepair. To us, it’s an indication that what was once a significant... Read more »

Ferguson Exposes the Creeping Militarization of Police Forces

The tragedies unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri, are doubly infuriating. First, there is the obvious outrage of yet another unarmed black teenager being stopped by... Read more »

Breves de la Comunidad

Boyle Heights Un oficial de LAPD le disparó a un hombre no identificado quien aparentemente cargaba una escopeta en un área residencial el domingo por la tarde,... Read more »

50 Years Later, ‘Upward Bound’ Still Vital

Fifty years ago this year, the federal government created Upward Bound, a program to help low-income students enroll in college. Today, with poverty rates again... Read more »

Se Duplica el Número de Californianos Que Cambian Sus Céspedes por Reembolsos

El número de residentes del Sur de California dispuestos a cambiar su césped por rebajas de ahorro de agua se ha casi duplicado en lo que va de este año en comparación... Read more »

August 21, 2014 Issue

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California con Nivel de Sequía Extrema Alerta al Sector Agrario

El 99,8% de California se encuentra bajo sequía severa o más grave y cerca del 82% bajo sequía extrema, según un informe dado a conocer el lunes por el U.S.... Read more »

As Climate Changes, Human Health Could Decline

Heat-related illnesses and deaths due to rising temperatures will likely increase, as will the number of people suffering from asthma and respiratory diseases due... Read more »

100 Years of History at Southwest Museum Site

Saturday’s celebration at the Southwest Museum in Mount Washington was supposed to be about the 100-year history of the historic structure, but it was clear many... Read more »

Jazz Festival Returns to Monterey Hills

Councilmember Jose Huizar and his children Isabella, Simon and Aviana at the 17th Annual Monterey Hills Jazz Festival. (Office of L.A. Councilmember Jose Huizar) Following... Read more »

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