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Exide: L.A. Councilman Makes Move to Step In

Saying he’s lost confidence in the state agency overseeing the cleanup of toxic lead contamination from the now closed Exide plant in Vernon, Los Angeles City... Read more »

Culpabilidad de Exalguacil Confirma Abuso Contra Presos, Dicen Activistas

Activistas en favor de los derechos de los inmigrantes destacaron el jueves que la declaración de culpabilidad del anterior alguacil de Los Ángeles, Lee Baca,... Read more »

Play Reading: “English Only” Coming to A Library Near You

 Feb. 16, Feb. 17, & Feb 18 6pm—Play Reading: “English Only” Coming to A Library Near You. CTG’s The Shop presents it’s latest round of play readings... Read more »

Community Calendar: Feb. 11, 2016 – Feb. 17, 2016

Thursday, Feb. 11 4-5pm – Money Smart Workshop for Teens at City Terrace Library. Learn about credit cards, debit cards, interest rates, APRs, loans, savings and... Read more »

The Time is Now to Put Homeless Plans to Work

With the huge number of tents, tarps and cardboard homes covering county sidewalks, riverbeds, and under- and over-paths, and the large number of campers, cars and... Read more »

City, County Move to Tackle Homelessness

The city and county of Los Angeles on Tuesday approved far-reaching plans to tackle homelessness in the region. The votes came on the same afternoon a homeless man... Read more »

Neighborhood Councils Gearing Up for Elections

Every day people living in Los Angeles can take an active role in city government by serving on one of the city’s 96 neighborhood councils, spread out over 12... Read more »

Baca Se Declara Culpable de Un Cargo Federal

El ex Alguacil del Condado de Los Ángeles, Lee Baca, se declaró culpable el miércoles de un cargo federal por mentir al FBI durante una investigación acerca... Read more »

Boyle Heights: Showcasing Young Talent at Work

Talent comes in many forms. It can be found in the young and the old and blossoms most when encouraged and celebrated. That was the goal of the annual Boyle Heights... Read more »

Globos Metálicos Son Peligrosos al Entrar en Contacto con Cables de Luz

En fechas especiales como el Día de los Enamorados, la compañía Southern California Edison insta a las personas a que amarren bien sus globos metálicos, que... Read more »

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