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Nueva Exposición Explora “El Arte de la Protesta”

Epifanía: una palabra que para muchos evoca asociaciones religiosas, como la aparición de Dios o un festival cristiano celebrando la divinidad de Dios. También... Read more »

New Exhibition Explores ‘The Art of Protest’

Epiphany: A word that for many conjures up religious associations, such as the appearance God or a Christian festival celebrating God’s divinity. It can also mean... Read more »

Plan Para Construir Viviendas Asequibles en Lotes de Estacionamientos de la Ciudad Toma Fuerza

Los lugares de estacionamiento son preciados en la ciudad de Los Ángeles. La amenaza de perder incluso algunos espacios de estacionamiento puede provocar pánico... Read more »

Carrillo Wins 51st Assembly Seat

Community activist Wendy Carrillo will take office in January when the Assembly begins the second year of a two-year session after defeating fellow Democrat Luis... Read more »

Assembly Special Election: Carrillo Leading In Early Vote Count

Community activist Wendy Carrillo led nonprofit healthcare director Luis Lop 55.59 percent-44.41 percent in the count of vote by mail ballots for today’s 51st... Read more »

Art Students’ Transportation ‘Visions’ to be Honored at Measure M Gala

A group of student artists whose work captures their vision for transportation in the future will be honored Saturday at a gala event marking the one year anniversary... Read more »

Developer Group Approved for Lincoln Heights Jail Revival

The Los Angeles City Council has signed off on a development team for the longtime empty and dilapidated Lincoln Heights Jail, but it could be two or more years... Read more »

La Visión de Transporte de los Estudiantes de Arte Será Honrada

Un grupo de estudiantes artistas cuyo trabajo captura su visión para el transporte en el futuro será honrado el sábado en un evento de gala que marca el primer... Read more »

Grupo de Desarrolladores Aprobado para Renacimiento de la Cárcel de Lincoln Heights

El Concejo de la Ciudad de Los Ángeles ha firmado un contrato con un equipo de desarrollo para la cárcel de Lincoln Heights, vacía y en ruinas, desde hace mucho... Read more »

Confused About Your Health Care Options? Arroyo Vista Family Health Center’s Certified Counselors Can Help

With all the talk and news about efforts to end the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, it’s not surprising that many people are confused about the future of their... Read more »

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