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Solís Ordena Plan para Detener el Crucero en el este de L.A.

La Junta de Supervisores del Condado aprobó una moción el martes para desarrollar un plan para restringir los vehículos de crucero en el este de Los Ángeles,... Read more »

Fraud Probe Leads to Closure of Car Donation Charity

A Los Angeles-based car donation charity accused of soliciting vehicle donations using false and misleading advertising has agreed to pay up to $900,000 and permanently... Read more »

California Ve Aumento de Población Minoritaria

La población de la nación esta más vieja y cada vez sigue siendo más diversa, según nuevos estimados de población publicados el jueves 22 de junio por la Oficina... Read more »

Members of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s most powerful union will see a significant bump in pay, with the City Council’s approval Wednesday... Read more »

GOP Health Care Bill Will Harm County, Say Supes

Four of the five members of the Board of Supervisors said Tuesday that the pending Senate bill to repeal Obamacare would be a damaging step backward for Los Angeles... Read more »

Lots Of Boos In California For Senate Health Bill

California politicians, medical providers and consumer advocates served up harsh critiques of the newly unveiled Senate health care bill Thursday, arguing that the... Read more »

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down LAPD’s 30-Day Vehicle Impounds

A federal appeals court panel on Wednesday unanimously struck down a city policy allowing the Los Angeles Police Department to impound cars for 30 days without a... Read more »

L.A. County Contributes $1 Million to Immigrant Defense Fund

The Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to contribute $1 million to a legal aid fund for people at risk of deportation and confirmed that anyone convicted of a violent... Read more »

Familia Recibe Bendeción del Arzobispo

En Solidaridad con Todos los Inmigrantes: Una familia recibe una bendición del arzobispo José H. Gómez, durante una misa que unió a miles de personas en oración... Read more »

Family Receives Blessing from Archbishop

In Solidarity With All Immigrants: A family receives a blessing from Archbishop Jose H. Gomez, during a mass that united thousands of people in prayer and celebration... Read more »

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