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If Trump Is GOP Nominee, Which Democrat is Mostly Likely to Beat Him

The American presidential elections of 2016 will be more historic for Latinos than ever before now that Latinos are the largest ethnic group, having passed the number... Read more »

A Void Newspapers Still Fill In Today’s Society

Why newspapers continue to be relevant despite rumors of their demise was strikingly evident in stories printed by newspapers over the last few days as part of a... Read more »

Editorial Cartoon

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Operation Paul Ryan

Exciting news, people: The Republican Party establishment has a secret plan to stop blue-collar voters from supporting Donald Trump. The plan is code-named “Operation... Read more »

Trump Attacks Mexico, Stabs Farmers on Trade

If Donald Trump were elected President, how many Americans would lose their jobs? Millions would. Trump’s war with Mexico would be the reason. Moreover, 318 million... Read more »

UC Needs to Prioritize Enrollment of CA Students

A state audit requested by Assemblyman Mike Gibson (D-Carson) on UC admissions blasts the system as harming  California students due to the growing number of out... Read more »

There’s Too Much Secrecy in Government

We have a secrecy problem. This may seem odd to say during an era in which the most intimate details of individuals’ lives are on display. Yet government is moving... Read more »

A Personal Reflection: Honoring the Legacy of Cesar Chavez

I was fortunate to be a child of the civil rights era. I learned from and was shaped by the world around me. When I was five years old, my sisters, mother and I... Read more »

Social Security Numbers Are Tools for Identity Theft

Bowing to intense public pressure, a federal judge earlier this month changed his order in a federal lawsuit that would have required California to release the personal... Read more »

An American Mussolini

As you probably heard, Donald Trump canceled a rally in Chicago after scuffles broke out between Trump supporters and opponents around the arena where the candidate... Read more »

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