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Historically, Change In Our Communities Hasn’t Been Fair or Adequate

Education is very controversial in the sense that it doesn’t just deal with students, but also how the community responds to change. Historically, change in our... Read more »

Let’s Clean Up the Place

You don’t have to tell most Angelenos that the city of Los Angeles is getting dirtier and dirtier; they can see it every time they step outside. The trash that... Read more »

Hispanic Exit Polls Fall Short

The late Washington Post prize-winning reporter David Broder shook up the political world 35 years ago with his book Changing of the Guard: Power and Leadership... Read more »

Debt Forgiveness: End the Student Loan Industrial Complex

On April 15th, the Department of Education stated it is “working on a process to help federal student loan borrowers submit a defense to repayment of their federal... Read more »

Respecting School Choice: No Need for Villians

The denial of space to Collegiate Charter High School at Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights may have been for reasons other than a strong opposition to charters... Read more »

Why We Need $50,000 Traffic Tickets

All of us would like to live in a world where people always do the right thing — without anybody looking over their shoulder. But that world doesn’t exist and... Read more »

PETA’s Cruel and Unusual Crush

The provocative animal rights group PETA famously despises cages. Press statements from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have described birdcages... Read more »

Targeted Policing A Good Goal

In his State of the City speech Tuesday, Mayor Eric Garcetti confirmed what many Angelenos suspected; violent crime has been increasing in Los Angeles. Los Angeles... Read more »

Don’t Let This Cable Giant Stamp Out Democracy

Comcast’s gleaming tower soars over its hometown of Philadelphia. The cable giant’s presence in the city is palpable. You’d like to believe that the company... Read more »

Parental Equality Post-Divorce Offers Solution to Gender Pay Inequality

There’s been buzz this week around Equal Pay Day, although there’s an important piece missing from the conversation: In order to close the gender pay gap, we... Read more »

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