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Stop Talking About ‘Winners and Losers’ from Corporate Tax Cuts

Republicans have pushed a huge corporate tax cut bill through Congress. You might’ve seen a lot of coverage trying to sort out “who wins” and “who loses.” All... Read more »

Gun Control Shouldn’t Be This Hard

Before the gun lobby or its sycophants in Congress bring out their usual talking points for why we can’t ever have common sense gun reform, I’d like to shoot... Read more »

The Honest Ads Act: ‘Fundamental Rights,’ Real and Imagined

Wikipedia defines “moral panic” as “a feeling of fear spread among a large number of people that some evil threatens the well-being of society” and notes... Read more »

An Important Step Toward More Housing

Last week, something really important happened at the Los Angeles City Planning Commission (CPC). The Commissioners took a big step towards increasing our ability... Read more »

The Cure for Weinstein Is a Cultural Change

How many women did Harvey Weinstein victimize? When did he start down the continuum leading from Hollywood’s shamefully tolerated “casting couch” overtures... Read more »

Mass Incarceration is a Women’s Issue, Too

Over the last few years, our broken criminal justice system has become a national issue as horrific stories of victims of mass incarceration have made their way... Read more »

Can Republicans Survive?

The Republican Party today is not the same as when it won with President George W. Bush. In Texas, 50 percent of Hispanics voted for George W. Bush for governor... Read more »

Who’s Really in Charge of the Afghanistan War?

In June, our Tweety Bird president tweeted this message to members of the U.S. Army: “Proud to be your commander-in-chief.” Actually, Trump is only the delegator-in-chief... Read more »

One Way to Weather Extreme Climate, Have you tried extreme denial?

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One Hispanic American and the Star-Spangled Banner

Justice Robert Jackson’s opinion in one of the most famous Supreme Court decisions, 1943’s (West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette): “To believe... Read more »

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