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The President Chickened Out!

Keep your enemies close and your friends closer, a wise Chinese philosopher once said. President Obama should have kept faith with that when he announced he would... Read more »

Political Governance and Natural Boundaries

The vast Sonoran Desert of the American Southwest lies in the political territories of California and Arizona and reaches south into Mexico. Its arid landscape is... Read more »

Do You Want Some Hogwash with That Burger?

Burger King bills itself as “home of the Whopper,” a name intended to convey to burger eaters that this one is a whale of a deal. But “whopper” also means... Read more »

To Be Well-Informed, Ignore Political Ads

This is an election year. The last three weeks were the calm before the storm of political ads that are unleashed after Labor Day. There will be campaigns for statewide... Read more »

Why Government Openness Matters

One of the fundamental lessons of the 9/11 tragedy was that our government carried a share of blame for the failure to stop the attacks. Not because it was asleep... Read more »

Is DMV Ready to Handle Jan. 1, 2015 Crowd

On January 1, 2015, millions of new drivers will take to California’s already stressed roads and streets, thanks to a new law that will allow many of those previously... Read more »

More Voter Participation, Here’s Another Idea

To increase voter turnout, Nathan Hatchman, head of Los Angles Ethics Commission, has suggested entering people who vote into a lottery for cash prizes. It could... Read more »

Mexicans Aren’t White: Mexicans Are White

Once again the almost four hundred year deep divide separating white and black Americans has shaken the American experience in a St. Louis suburb, Ferguson, Missouri. Watching... Read more »

There They Go Again

I wish I could say I was surprised. I wish I could say that this is a new frustration. In reality it is just the same old song we keep hearing from public employee... Read more »

Let’s Revive Neighborhood Watch

We’ve noticed that many of the neighborhood watch signs we’ve come across lately are old and in disrepair. To us, it’s an indication that what was once a significant... Read more »

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