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Social Security Numbers Are Tools for Identity Theft

Bowing to intense public pressure, a federal judge earlier this month changed his order in a federal lawsuit that would have required California to release the personal... Read more »

An American Mussolini

As you probably heard, Donald Trump canceled a rally in Chicago after scuffles broke out between Trump supporters and opponents around the arena where the candidate... Read more »

Rubio Suspends; Kasich Torpedoes

Donald Trump will not be the Republican nominee for President. Neither will Marco Rubio; that is a shame, for Trump’s Florida victory over Rubio will not put Trump... Read more »

Tougher Enforcement of Traffic Laws Can Save Lives

Researchers with the Governors Highway Safety Association report that an analysis of preliminary national federal data of vehicle related accidents nationwide by... Read more »

How My Daughter’s Death Inspired Me

They were words I will never forget: “Give me some pills so I can go to sleep… I don’t want to be ‘chemo sick’ anymore. No one should have to live like... Read more »

Hispanics Rout Trump

Puerto Rican Republicans smashed Donald Trump in Sunday’s Republican Presidential Primary. These normally ignored voters destroyed the oft-stated fiction of Trump’s... Read more »

LAPD Use-of-Force Numbers Call for More Training

A 300-page report released Tuesday analyzing Los Angeles Police Department data showed a significant increase in the number of officer involved shootings and use... Read more »

Exide: No ‘Double Standard’ – Gov. Brown Involved All Along

Regarding your Feb. 26 article entitled, “Activists Call Funds For Exide Cleanup Just the First Step”. We support the involvement of community members in the... Read more »

At Long Last, Gov. Brown Acts on Exide Crisis

Gov. Jerry Brown’s letter to State Legislators proposing $176.6 million in state funds to expedite and expand the testing and cleanups of homes, schools and parks... Read more »

The Time is Now to Put Homeless Plans to Work

With the huge number of tents, tarps and cardboard homes covering county sidewalks, riverbeds, and under- and over-paths, and the large number of campers, cars and... Read more »

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