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The Bourgeois’ Dilemma

The other day a colleague called it to my attention that I was wearing New Balance so in some way I was breaking a boycott. I pointed out that they were the only... Read more »

Airbnb: Not the Partner Our Community Needs

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Exit Polls Misrepresent the Latino Vote

The results of this election on November 8 were a surprise to many. But now there is growing concern over the widespread misrepresentation by top media outlets of... Read more »

Landlords and Little People

Are there any television watchers unfamiliar with “rent control” or Los Angeles’ beach front neighborhood of Venice? Television plots about cheating on New... Read more »

Editorial Cartoon

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This Doesn’t Sound Like Our Voice

We’re already starting to see how America’s gamble on Donald Trump will pay off: with gifts to the corporations and billionaires he swore he’d put us above. One... Read more »

Can the Country Heal Under Trump? We Hope So.

OK America, it looks like we must finally accept the fact that for half our fellow Americans, racism, misogyny, jingoism, and pass the buck-ism are alive and well,... Read more »

November 8, 2016 Election Results

Unofficial results as of Wednesday for the November 8 election. The results listed below in bold text indicate the winner of the contest. Number of votes cast in... Read more »

The FBI’s ‘October Surprise’

With just five days to go until the Presidential Election, we are surprised that the “October Surprise” candidates fear is coming from the Federal Bureau of... Read more »

Say No to Measure M and Start Over

Measure M is about two L.A.’s. One is the invisible L.A., our L.A., the Southeast and South Bay parts of the county. The L.A. that is invisible to the people who... Read more »

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