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Chicana Service Action Center: So Disappointing If It’s All True

Reports Wednesday that administrators at a venerable charitable organization have strayed far from the organization’s mission to help the disenfranchised in Latino... Read more »

You Sir, Are Fired

NBC Universal follows the lead of the USA’s largest Spanish-language television/radio network in dumping Donald Trump and his beauty pageants from its networks.... Read more »

Trump: A Joker in the GOP’s Presidential Deck

“Some people,” as Barry Switzer famously declared (rather oddly for a football coach),  ”are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.”... Read more »

Extreme Drought Adds Danger to Fourth of July

For more than two hundred years, Americans have been celebrating the 4th of July with parades, picnics and the exploding of bright and colorful fireworks in the... Read more »

The Pope Needs to Go Even Further on the Environment

The message of Pope Francis on the environment is welcome, but he needs to go further. The pope showed tremendous courage and leadership on this issue. He will persuade... Read more »

The Great and Needed Tension of Our Democracy

On July 4th, 1776, a new nation was created based on the idea of rule by the people. This was radical and the start point of a great experiment in social contracting... Read more »

It’s Time to Close 710 Gap, But Not With Light Rail

The goal of the State Route 710 North study is to address a nearly sixty-year delay in completing this Freeway. The unfinished SR 710 creates traffic jams, pollution,... Read more »

Jeb, Marco and the Donald

What a week of contrasts in American Presidential politics. The bright side includes Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio; then there is ignorant bigotry. The bigotry burst... Read more »

Terminally Ill Californians in Agony Need Aid-in-Dying Option

My brother Victor could not hold a fork, much less talk or walk, by the time the pain from renal cancer had metastasized to his brain. For almost two years he endured... Read more »

Paying the Pink Tax

You probably think you know about all the taxes you pay. Income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes — it seems like the list is endless. But there’s one tax I’ve... Read more »

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