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LULAC Misguided In Herbalife Fight

In the last week, I joined with many Latino immigrant and community based organizations around the nation to send an open letter to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus... Read more »

Child Immigration Crisis Cries Out for Humane Response

Regardless of what President Obama or Speaker Boehner do to curb the influx of children crossing into the country illegally, some will be believe it’s not enough,... Read more »

Speech in the Digital Age

Representative Spencer Bachus stands out among conservatives. Representing Alabama’s 6th district, he’s built his political reputation as a supporter of fiscal... Read more »

Remembering Bobby Castillo, Dodger Pitcher & Legend

Bobby Castillo was a great player, for his team and in his community. Sadly, he died to soon, losing his fight against cancer June 30 at the age of 59. The right-handed... Read more »

A Happy 4th of July To All

For more than 200 years, Americans have observed the 4th of July, our Independence Day, with great demonstrations of patriotism and celebrations. Today, these celebrations... Read more »

On Government As ‘The Things We Decide to Do Together’

The segment of the center-left who swoon over Elizabeth Warren are fond of quoting Barney Frank’s statement that “government is the name for the things we decide... Read more »

Enjoy the Barbecue

It’s an American tradition to gather with family and friends on the 4th of July. A barbecue, trip to a beach or just a modest family get-together are all appropriate... Read more »

Semi Trucks May Be the Cause of Potholed Highland Park Alley

Highland Park residents have been complaining for years about the horribly pot holed conditions of the alley one block south of Figueroa, between Avenue 59 and Avenue... Read more »

Education Techniques for Teaching Ex-offenders or Returning Citizens

The jail’s student population differs from that of most schools.  Additionally, students self-select to attend class. As a result, it is of important to attend... Read more »

The Next Steps for the EPA’s Clean Power Plan

On the heels of the Environmental Protection Agency unveiling its proposed carbon pollution standard for existing power plants, clean-energy supporters from coast... Read more »

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