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Trump on Cuba: If Obama Did It, It’s Bad

There’s a lot to say about Trump reversing some of the Obama administration’s policies on Cuba. The White House recently announced it was banning individual... Read more »

California Leading the Way in Immigration Detention Reform with Budget Bill

New America Media – The 2017 budget bill that California legislators approved on June 15, 2017 has a measure to increase oversight of California’s immigration... Read more »

Amending Constitution to Ensure Better Representation Makes Sense for L.A. County and California

Senate Constitutional Amendment 12 is about the Future of California. The laws governing the way counties are structured were written in the 1850s and were left... Read more »

Will Congress Continue to Try to Reinvent the Wheel?

Has partisanship become so entrenched in the U.S. Congress that every eight years the new president must make it his top priority to undo all the previous president’s... Read more »

Is President Trump Becoming a Scold?

Are we the only ones who have noticed how President Trump always has an angry look on his face whenever an adoring crowd does not surround him? Along with this stern... Read more »

The Unpleasant Impact of an Unserious Budget

Federal budgets, while boring and wonky, can have a serious impact on our lives. They dictate our collective priorities for how we choose to spend our public resources... Read more »

Jimmy Gomez for Congress

The appointment of Xavier Becerra to become State Attorney General has left a big hole to fill in California’s congressional delegation. It’s especially true... Read more »

Free Speech: Ted Wheeler is the Enemy He Invokes

Ted Wheeler, the mayor of Portland, Oregon, wants to control who can say — and hear — what. He’s asked the federal government to cancel one permit and deny... Read more »

Mr. Trump: Energy Colossus – Aka NAFTA

Twice-thrashed Presidential candidate Ross Perot, the pre-Trump Trump of a quarter century ago ran a hugely ignorant anti-NAFTA, anti-Mexico campaign for President... Read more »

Trump and Congress Need to Feel Our Pain

Cutting services to the working poor, disabled and children, while upping the funding for defense and slashing taxes for the rich tells Americans exactly where their... Read more »

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