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Exide: No ‘Double Standard’ – Gov. Brown Involved All Along

Regarding your Feb. 26 article entitled, “Activists Call Funds For Exide Cleanup Just the First Step”. We support the involvement of community members in the... Read more »

At Long Last, Gov. Brown Acts on Exide Crisis

Gov. Jerry Brown’s letter to State Legislators proposing $176.6 million in state funds to expedite and expand the testing and cleanups of homes, schools and parks... Read more »

The Time is Now to Put Homeless Plans to Work

With the huge number of tents, tarps and cardboard homes covering county sidewalks, riverbeds, and under- and over-paths, and the large number of campers, cars and... Read more »

Trump’s Impeachable Offense

For anyone who cares deeply about being informed, watching Republican presidential debates can feel like a form of torture. But the program becomes more terrifying... Read more »

Another Call for Leadership and Justice In Exide Cause

We’re disappointed but not surprised that some of our readers do not agree with our editorial last week in this newspaper criticizing the different standards exhibited... Read more »

Jerry Brown, Where Are You? It’s Time to Step Up on Exide

California’s “environmental governor” has been missing in action in the fight to stop the devastating damage being done to east and southeast Los Angeles residents... Read more »

LAUSD’s New School Chief Needs Student-Focused Team

The unanimous vote by the Los Angeles Unified School Board to appoint Michelle King as Superintendent ends a search that at times seemed to be fruitless. We don’t... Read more »

Rams are Back- But For How Long?

We have to say we are surprised by the euphoric bliss exhibited by many Angelenos over the the impending return of the Rams to Los Angeles. Perhaps it’s more about... Read more »

Though Tempered, We Applaud Obama’s Action on Guns

Judging by the reactions to President Obama’s new guidelines for tightening controls on gun sales from anti-gun control hard liners, you’d think he had just... Read more »

Merry Magos! Something to Consider

For Latinos, 2015 was a rough year. Politically we became targets of racist rhetoric from Republican candidates running for President, while at the same time President... Read more »

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