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Honoring a True Warrior

No matter how hard most Americans wish for better racial relations there are elements of the American population that simply will not consider improving race relations. America’s... Read more »

The Cure for A Taxing Allergy

Millions of families live in constant dread of what an unexpected encounter — with a bee or a food additive or even a dye — could bring. One slip, and breathing... Read more »

En tiempos de pérdida: Juan Gabriel como ídolo gay, mexicano, y compañero de todas

Nos ha dejado Juan Gabriel, la voz incomparable y alma alegre que nos acompaña en los quehaceres, en bodas, y en sepelios. Mucho más que un artista y humanitario,... Read more »

Police Videos Should Be Routinely Released to the Public

The latest demonstration of police misconduct and abuse under the color of authority is clearly seen on a video recently obtained by the Los Angeles Times by order... Read more »

Where Has All the Money for Our Schools Gone?

As fall approaches, millions of moms and dads are scrambling to prepare for the first day of school, excited to support their children’s success. But are schools... Read more »

The Hidden Homeless Population

Most children in the United States spend their school days dreaming of their next birthday party or worrying whether they’re popular enough. Not America’s homeless... Read more »

At Any Other Time … Substance Would Have Outweighed Political Gaffes

If a candidate in a past presidential election had said something that could remotely be interpreted as wanting second amendment/gun possession rights advocates... Read more »

America’s Racial Wealth Divide Is Nothing Short of Shocking

Most media coverage of racial injustice has understandably focused on our country’s unfair policing and criminal justice system. But to fully understand the current... Read more »

Donald Trump’s Detroit Ignorance on Trade

Detroit, Michigan is where Donald Trump manifestly proves beyond doubt that his hate of Mexico and Mexicans overrides any good economic sense he might otherwise... Read more »

Mexicans, Chinese and Muslims Fight for America

A quarter century ago the Los Angeles Times had an inside page story about five Mexican American brothers from East Los Angeles that were serving in the U.S. Armed... Read more »

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