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The Real Danger of Trump’s Alleged ‘Pee Party’

The week leading up to the presidential inauguration brought streams, if not floods, of pee jokes. You might even say it was the number one opportunity for scatological... Read more »

National Day of Racial Healing Will Help Americans Heal and Overcome Deep Racial Divisions

Just five days before inauguration of Donald Trump as the country’s 45th President, millions of Americans on January 15 will celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin... Read more »

A War on Regulations

The incoming Republican government is waging a war against regulations. “For every one new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated,” Donald Trump... Read more »

Be Kind, Be Generous, Be at Peace

We are in the news business but even we sometimes want to turn off and tune out the constant prattle of hate- and anger-filled rhetoric that has become the norm... Read more »

A Holiday Wish List for L.A. County’s Over Burdened Foster Care System

Despite this being a time of celebration for many there is actually a spike in foster children brought into the system during the holidays. CASA/LA trains and supports... Read more »

Peace On Earth, By Whatever Name

It’s popular in some politicized evangelical Christian circles (that is, among the American “religious right”) to spend every December moaning about a “war... Read more »

Dumping the Electoral College Would Not be Good for Hispanics

Hispanic American citizens must object to any suggestions the Constitutionally-mandated and defined Electoral College be changed or eliminated for a simple reason:... Read more »

Viva La Revolucion

One hundred and fifty revolutionaries met in Los Angeles to honor political victories in California. Hillary Clinton buried President-elect Donald Trump in California... Read more »

It’s Time to Revisit the Gang Violence Reduction Project

The Gang Violence Reduction Project (GVRP) was initiated in November of 1976 in response to gang related violence and homicides within the 7.48 square miles of unincorporated... Read more »

Gateway City Residents Need Relief From Infrastructure Inequities

When I was a little boy growing up in the city of Bell, my skateboard was my instrument for experiencing my world and my community. My friends and I would skate... Read more »

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