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Who Voted for Wall Street?

During the campaign, Donald Trump said he wanted to fix our rigged economic system. And we can’t do that, he said, by counting on the people who rigged it in the... Read more »

State Leaders Must Continue to Promote Clean Energy

When I came to the United States from Mexico 50 years ago, I was determined to make a good life for myself and my family. I learned English, got an education, became... Read more »

On the Ground in Standing Rock

Beyond the protests, police crackdowns, and pipeline drama, what’s it really like at Standing Rock, North Dakota? This October, I went to see for myself. Like... Read more »

Poor Insurance Endangers America’s Physical and Financial Health

Americans earned a 5 percent pay increase last year, according to a new Census Bureau report. That’s the best wage gain since the Great Recession. Unfortunately,... Read more »

With Winter Weather Ahead, We Need Reliable Energy

Winter is almost here, which means Los Angeles is finally starting to cool down and Angelenos are beginning to heat their homes. The dropping temperatures in Los... Read more »

California Hispanic Republicans Moving Up

There is a political “cabal” in California that is working every day to change the political atmosphere of California and of the USA – someday. It is directed... Read more »

We Need This Thanksgiving

More than any time in recent history, it’s clear the country needs to take time out to celebrate Thanksgiving. This has been a grueling year. The divisive presidential... Read more »

Can California’s Taxpayers Be Thankful for 2016?

If taxpayers focus on the results of the recent election, there may not seem to be much to celebrate. While the rest of America took a big step toward fiscal sanity,... Read more »

The Bourgeois’ Dilemma

The other day a colleague called it to my attention that I was wearing New Balance so in some way I was breaking a boycott. I pointed out that they were the only... Read more »

Airbnb: Not the Partner Our Community Needs

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