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Attacks on Herbalife Are Attacks on Businesses Like Mine

Owning and operating a small business is hard work. It requires a tremendous amount of dedication and long hours. But if you believe in what you sell, work really... Read more »

What is there to be thankful for this year? Depends on who you are. If you are a Hispanic Democrat, you and the rest of the Democratic Party are licking deep wounds... Read more »

Does This Definition Make Me Look Rich?

How much income do America’s households take in? How much do they have left after taxes? Do federal taxes leave the nation less or more unequal? Questions don’t... Read more »

President to Break Immigration Status Quo Today: It’s About Time

It’s been a long time coming. President Obama will tonight lay out details of executive action he will take on immigration reform, which is unlikely to be comprehensive... Read more »

Can Hispanics Survive Obama’s Political Suicide?

Is it a “Clash of Titans,” or a Titanic crash? President Barack Obama is about to test the limits of the U. S. Constitution-backed government “of the people,... Read more »

Exchange Plans are Failing America’s Most Vulnerable

The Affordable Care Act has helped millions of Americans access health insurance. But the quality of coverage insurers are currently offering is worrisome. Even... Read more »

Ebola Scare Should Be the Start to Halting Spread of Other Dangerous Infections

With the announcement that there are no active cases of Ebola in the U.S., one would think the U.S. would finally be free of all the scary news and speculation about... Read more »

Taking Stock of the Money Midterms

The 2014 midterm elections sure looked like a blowout for the Republican Party. But leave it to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to call the real winner: big money. “Incredible... Read more »

Leave No Generation Behind

Over a decade ago, I got a call from Bill Gates. Not the Bill Gates you’re probably thinking of. It was Bill Gates Sr., the Microsoft founder’s dad. He was eager... Read more »

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