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2 Senators Reach Deal On A Health Law Fix, But Bringing Congress Along Is Tricky

After nearly two months of negotiations, key senators said Tuesday they have reached a bipartisan deal on a proposal intended to stabilize the Affordable Care Act’s... Read more »

Tips On Finding Nursing Home Bed When On Medi-Cal

Most everyone agrees it can be very difficult — next to impossible, really — for Medi-Cal enrollees to snag a spot in a nursing home, especially if they’re... Read more »

State Scrambles To Contain ‘Unprecedented’ Hepatitis A Outbreaks

Health officials in California are struggling to contain fierce outbreaks of hepatitis A among homeless people and drug abusers in three counties, including San... Read more »

Feds Give Calif. Poor Marks On Monitoring Foster Children

The federal government has given California bad marks on monitoring the well-being of children in foster care. State officials were slow to investigate complaints... Read more »

State’s Cannabis Web Page Offers Health and Safety

With just three months until the recreational use of marijuana becomes legal in California, state public health officials are hoping their “Let’s Talk Cannabis”... Read more »

UC Cancer Centers Take on Calif.’s $14 Billion Killer

The University of California’s five academic cancer centers, home to some of the world’s leading scientists and physicians, have formed a consortium to better... Read more »

Ending DACA Could Have Dire Public Health Consequences

President Obama signed an executive order in 2012 protecting undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children, and studies suggest that... Read more »

Knowing the ‘Signs’ Can Prevent Suicides

More than 800 Los Angeles County residents die by suicide each year — more than the number that die by homicide, accidental drug overdose or vehicle accidents... Read more »

Too Much TV Ramps Up Mobility Risk In Elderly

WASHINGTON, DC — Older people who watched more than five hours of TV per day and reported three or fewer hours per week of total physical activity had more than... Read more »

To Ensure The Doctor Is Always In, New Panel Tackles Health Worker Shortage

Health and education leaders across California have joined forces with business and labor leaders to address workforce shortages in health care. The new group aims... Read more »

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