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What’s Your Age Got To Do With It?

Have you ever woken feeling older than the day before and noticing a slow erosion of physical freedoms? But have you also had moments when you realized that it... Read more »

Number of Measles Cases On the Rise

State public health officials are worried a large increase in the number of measles cases statewide is due to people intentionally avoiding vaccination for the highly... Read more »

County Calls On Gay Men to Get Immunized

Eight people in Los Angeles County have been diagnosed with invasive meningococcal disease this year, health officials announced today as they issued a call for... Read more »

Student-Run Farmers Market Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

Cesar Chavez Elementary School Green Thumb Club students team up to sell cilantro and other greens to a fellow student.(Montebello Unified School District) Students... Read more »

Family Meals Do More Than Put Food on the Table

Make mealtime a family time. If you can get together for meals even a few times a week, family meals mean healthier eating – and more. For National Nutrition Month®,... Read more »

More Funding for Health Centers Improves Access to Care

Increased federal funding for community health centers since 2000 has helped low-income adults get access to primary care and dental care, according to a new study... Read more »

Lara Pushes Access for Undocumented to CA Health Insurance

Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens has unveiled the Health For All Act, which is aimed at expanding access to health care coverage for all Californians, regardless... Read more »

Health Alert Issued For Tainted Cactus, ‘Nopales’ from Mexico

State health officials warned against eating certain cactus because it was sprayed with dangerous pesticides in Mexico. A batch of cactus pads, or “nopales,”... Read more »

Many Patients Have Trouble ID’ing Their Medications

People who identify their blood pressure medications by shape, size and color instead of by name may risk poor blood pressure control and increase their risk of... Read more »

Getting Medicare Information Online

As 2014 gets under way, I wanted to give you a quick overview of the Medicare information you can now get online. Our website is www.Medicare.gov, and it has a wealth... Read more »

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