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More Than 30 Million Americans Taking Anti-Depressants

When dealing with depression, experts say, people are too often turning to prescription drugs as their first option. According to Dr. Jim Gordon, founder and director... Read more »

Teens Are Missing Recommended Vaccines

Health care providers are missing opportunities to improve teens’ vaccination coverage, reports a new study in the Journal of Adolescent Health. Recommendations... Read more »

Festival Offers Kids, Parents A ‘Fresh Start’ For the School Year

Up to 10,000 backpacks loaded with school supplies will be handed out to children in the Northeast Los Angeles area and L.A. neighborhoods this Saturday at Fresh... Read more »

Injuries From Teen Fighting Deal a Blow to IQ

A new Florida State University study has found that adolescent boys who are hurt in just two physical fights suffer a loss in IQ that is roughly equivalent to missing... Read more »

Acne Comes of Age Earlier

Newswise — For many teenagers, acne has become an all-too-familiar rite of passage. While many teens and their parents brace themselves for this common skin condition,... Read more »

Obesity Is a Major Obstacle for Disabled Americans

Obesity and its related health problems impacts far more people with a disability than previously reported, according to new research in the American Journal of... Read more »

Significant Others Can Influence Extreme Dieting

Women who are frequently encouraged by their significant others to lose weight are more likely to resort to unhealthy measures to do so, according to new research... Read more »

Public Meetings to Explain Affordable Health Care Act

A coalition of organizations will offer free seminars in Los Angeles to inform the Hispanic community, especially low-income residents, about the new health law... Read more »

CA Farm Workers Seek Pesticide Protection

California farm workers want Congress to do more to protect them from hazardous pesticides. More than a dozen workers from California and other states are on Capitol... Read more »

California Ranks Among 10 Worst States for Children’s Well-Being

California came in at 41st in a nationwide ranking of children’s well-being, according to a report released late last month. The state ranked just ahead of Texas,... Read more »

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