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Balancing Diet With Tofu Tacos

“What is transgenic?” asked instructor Laura Gonzalez in Spanish during her Healthy Cooking class last Friday. “Genetically modified,” answered one of the... Read more »

‘Viva los Cupcakes’ – An American Tradition Goes Mexican

In a region where food is rapidly incorporating flavors reflective of the diversity of the people who live here, a tamale inspired cupcake speaks volumes about the... Read more »

Metal Meets Mexico In Metalachi

On stage, wearing skintight jeans, studded belts, bandanas and big hair, Metalachi looks like one of those metal bands that dominated the airwaves in the 1980’s,... Read more »

Abuelas’ Game: Loteria and Talk

“La dama (the lady) … el corazon (the heart) … la bandera (the flag): Loteria! Coffee in hand and coin purses at the ready, a small group of abuelas meet weekday... Read more »

No Let Up to Scorching Heat

The Southland will bake again today as the region’s heat wave intensifies and temperatures reach or surpass the century mark over a wide area. The valleys and... Read more »

Classrooms: Only Part of Student Success

There is a growing push in recent years to make public schools more than just the usual places of learning, but comprehensive resources centers where students and... Read more »

‘We’re Dreaming… of 2025’

Is it too soon to start celebrating a high school graduation that won’t take place until 2025? Not according to the families, teachers and third grade students... Read more »

Residents Demand State Agencies Clean Exide Contamination Now

For the first 17 years of his life, Jose Anthony Gutierrez lived in Vernon, not too far from the now closed Exide Technologies plant. He says he is living proof... Read more »

Exide Taint Blows Over to City of Commerce

The City of Commerce had joined a long list of communities affected by lead contamination from a Vernon-based battery recycling plant permanently closed in March... Read more »

L.A. River: What About the Southeast?

Efforts have been in full force to revitalize the Los Angeles River that once ran freely from Los Angeles to Long Beach but is now partially covered by concrete... Read more »

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