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Veterans Park Remains Closed for Lead Abatement

Fearing residents could be exposed to unsafe levels of lead, a park in Commerce has been closed until the city can assess the impact recent heavy rains have had... Read more »

When You Don’t Speak The Same Language As Your Child’s Doctor

When Margarita Ruiz takes her children to the doctor’s office, she has no choice but to trust that nurses and front desk staff are translating medical orders accurately.... Read more »

GOP Health Proposal Would Upend Consumers’ Cost Calculations In California

For better or worse, Californians who aren’t insured through their employers could see major changes in their health insurance costs under a Republican replacement... Read more »

Few Voters Decide Big Issues

Turnout was expected to be low for Tuesday’s Los Angeles County elections. And it was. Unofficial figures released early Wednesday put the turnout figure at 11.29... Read more »

ICE Arrest of Father Near School Angers Activists

Immigrant advocacy groups in Los Angeles are decrying the arrest of an undocumented family man Feb. 28 while on his way to drop his 13-year-old daughter off at school. During... Read more »

House GOP Health Bill Jettisons Insurance Mandate, Much Of Medicaid Expansion

House Republicans unveiled their much anticipated health law replacement plan Monday, slashing the law’s Medicaid expansion and scrapping the requirement that... Read more »

Forecast: Washington Could Negatively Impact CA Economy

Employment growth in California will likely slow over the next three years as the state nears full employment, and California’s economy could be negatively affected... Read more »

Lawmakers Call for State Audit of MUSD

Three local lawmakers are requesting an independent state audit of the Montebello Unified School District, according to a letter addressed to the school board’s... Read more »

County Wants DTSC to Expedite Exide Cleanup

County health officials said Tuesday they are pressing state regulators to expedite the cleanup of an estimated 400 homes near the shuttered Exide battery-recycling... Read more »

Trump’s Softened Immigration Stance Met with Caution

Immigrant advocacy groups demanded concrete and immediate action from Pres. Donald Trump following his comments on his immigration plan Tuesday during his first... Read more »

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