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College College Trustees Order Review of All Sexual-Harassment Cases

The Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees has announced plans to tackle issues involving sexual harassment and bullying “head on” to protect... Read more »

Trump Ends Temp Status for Nicaraguans

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to push back against the Trump administration’s move to end Temporary Protected Status for thousands... Read more »

Beyond The Shattered Lives And Bodies, Money Worries Weigh On Las Vegas Victims

LAS VEGAS — Kurt Fowler and his wife, Trina, were celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary at a country music festival when the shooting started. Fowler, 41,... Read more »

FEMA Had a Plan for Responding to a Hurricane in Puerto Rico – But It Doesn’t Want You to See It

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, citing unspecified “potentially sensitive information,” is declining to release a document it drafted several years... Read more »

Relatives Caring for Foster Children Need Help Making Ends Meet

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to try and find a way to offer longer-term funding to relatives caring for foster children and awaiting... Read more »

City Gives Nonprofit Property to Shelter Homeless Students

Jovenes Inc., a nonprofit that serves homeless youth, will build units designed to serve homeless students engaged in post-secondary studies on a city-owned property... Read more »

County Wants Authority to Treat Severely Mentally Ill Without Their Permission

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to work on legislation that would allow social workers and law enforcement officers to detain severely... Read more »

LA Dodger Fans Have Been Waiting a Long Time For Tonight’s Game

It’s Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and for die-hard Los Angeles Dodger fans, tonight’s decisive seventh game of the World Series against the Houston... Read more »

Arroyo Vista Dedicates Ruby Cedillo Breast Care and Imaging Center

The late wife of a Los Angeles councilman was recognized Monday as the inspiration behind legislation that has resulted in tens of thousands of low-income, mostly... Read more »

Council Adopts Protections for L.A. Renters

The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday took action to provide protections for tenants facing relocation due to condominium conversion projects. On a 12-0 vote,... Read more »

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