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UCLA Study Targets Heavy Drinking and Suicides During Economic Downturns

Acute alcohol use is a risk factor for suicide among men during times of severe economic hardship, according to UCLA research findings released Tuesday. While economic... Read more »

Tight Control of Power Needed to Avoid Summer Outages

Power reserves will be adequate to keep lights on and air conditioners running during the hot summer months across California, according to a report released Wednesday... Read more »

Longtime Bell Gardens Activist Remembered

Holding back tears, for a brief moment Mayor Jennifer Rodriguez found it difficult to muster the words to adequately honor a local man who had spent years of his... Read more »

County to Offer More Safe Havens for Exploited Children

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted last week to rebrand and expand its network of safe havens for victims of child sex trafficking. Supervisor Don... Read more »

County Delays Decision on Possible ‘Millionaire Tax’

The Board of Supervisors delayed a decision Tuesday on whether to press for a change to state law that would allow the county to put a “millionaire’s tax”... Read more »

Brown Orders Permanent Water Cuts

Southland residents will need to permanently curtail their water use under an order issued Monday by Gov. Jerry Brown that bans activities such as hosing off sidewalks... Read more »

L.A. Approves Amnesty Plan for Illegal Dwellings

The Los Angeles City Council voted Tuesday to grant amnesty to existing illegal dwelling units at multi-family complexes as long as certain affordability requirements... Read more »

Montebello Takes a Closer Look at Grade Separation

Montebello residents will receive an update on the progress of the Montebello Corridor Grade Separation project next Tuesday during a community open house hosted... Read more »

Mariachi Stage Makes Room for Classical Music

“Violins up,” Michael Hudson-Medina instructs his students. Tucking their violins under their chins, eyes on the sheet music in front of them, they begin to... Read more »

MUSD Celebrates Dual-Language Immersion Program

Sixteen years ago, a pilot program to immerse students in two languages was introduced in a single Montebello Unified kindergarten classroom; today more than 600... Read more »

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