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Trump Win Stuns Dem-Centric L.A.

Republican Donald Trump’s victory in Tuesday’s presidential election left some local Hillary Clinton supporters stunned, but Democratic elected officials tried... Read more »

MUSD Opens New Homeless Student Resource Center

Whether living in cars to couch surfing, nearly 1,000 students in the Montebello Unified School District experience homelessness daily. The school district helps... Read more »

Trump Surpasses Clinton by One Point in Polls

Donald Trump is one point ahead of his campaign rival for the presidency of the United States, Hillary Clinton, according to a new poll published Nov. 1, a week... Read more »

L.A. County Establish Civilian Oversight of Sheriff’s Department

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Tuesday formally established a civilian panel to oversee the Sheriff’s Department, appointing nine commissioners and... Read more »

Prop 64 Would Legalize, Tax Marijuana for Recreational Use

The recreational use of marijuana and hemp would become legal, with sales taxes imposed upon them, under an initiative going before California voters on Nov. 8. Proposition... Read more »

Buying Guns, ‘High Capacity Ammo’ Would be Harder Under Prop. 63

California voters will decide Tuesday whether to approve a gun- and ammunition-control initiative, the provisions of which include prohibiting the possession of... Read more »

Lawsuit Accuses Anthem Blue Cross of Deceiving Consumers

A Santa Monica-based consumer-advocacy group sued Anthem Blue Cross Tuesday, accusing the insurer of misleading customers by sending them policy renewal notices... Read more »

March Election Filing Period Opens

The filing period opened Monday for people interested in running for office in Los Angeles’ March election. Aspiring candidates will have from Nov. 7-11 to submit... Read more »

Cleanup of Maywood Warehouse Fire Site Begins

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced Wednesday it has begun working with state officials to identify and remove hazardous materials released by a spectacular... Read more »

Jaime Piña: Honoring the Legacy

Turning 80 is in itself a milestone, but in the case of Jaime Piña, rock formation might be a better description. It’s a truer reflection of the rock hard strength... Read more »

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