Calif. Minimum Wage Earners Getting a Raise

December 28, 2017 by · 1 Comment 

It’s not yet $15, but minimum wager earners will get a boost in their paychecks starting Jan. 1 when California’s hourly minimum wage goes up.

The upcoming hike is the latest increase on the path to $15 an hour under legislation signed by Gov. Brown in 2016.

State law requires that most California workers be paid the minimum wage set by the state, which is higher than the federal minimum. The legislation passed in 2016 increases the minimum wage over time, consistent with economic expansion, while providing safety valves to pause wage hikes if negative economic or budgetary conditions emerge. The goal is for all workers in California to be earning at least $15 an hour by 2023.

Starting Jan. 1, businesses with 26 or more employees are required to pay employees at least $11 an hour. Employers with 25 or fewer workers are required to pay $10.50 an hour.

Some cities and counties have a higher minimum wage requirement and workers are advised to check local ordinances where they work to ensure they are receiving the highest wage required by law

State law also requires employers to post information on wages, hours and working conditions at a worksite area accessible to employees. Notices for the wage orders in English and Spanish can be downloaded and printed from the workplace postings page on the DIR website.

Employers who fail to follow the law face fines and other punitive consequences.

Workers paid less than the minimum wage are urged to contact the Labor Commissioner’s Office in their area to file a wage claim.



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