Walmart Presenta Concurso para Empresarios Que Desean Colocar sus Productos en sus Estantes

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¿Es usted un inventor o empresario con un producto innovador? ¿O es usted un consumidor que busca en la Internet productos nuevos que le harán la vida más fácil? Si su respuesta fue sí a una de estas preguntas, ponga atención que Walmart esta presentando por segunda vez su concurso “Get on the Shelf” (Póngase en el Estantes).

El concurso le ofrece a los inventores y a los empresarios la oportunidad de vender sus productos en y potencialmente, en tiendas Walmart seleccionadas. El concurso además ofrece una mayor exposición a millones de clientes potenciales.

Personas interesadas tienen hasta el 31 de julio para inscribirse en para participar en la competencial social, que permite que el público someta su voto. Los comerciantes de Walmart seleccionarán hasta 20 productos finalistas que serán presentados en una serie original en la web producida por VIMBY, el Estudio Digital de Mark Burnett. La serie semanal de la web, estará disponible en y el voto del público determinará el artículo ganador de cada semana.

Durante el concurso de este año, Walmart tiene interés en ver productos hechos en los Estados Unidos como parte de su compromiso de proveedores domésticos, de acuerdo con el comunicado de prensa.

“Estamos invitando a los empresarios e inventores de todo el país a ayudarnos descubrir el próximo gran éxito. A cambio, Walmart los expone ante millones de clientes potenciales,” dijo en un comunicado escrito Joel Anderson, presidente y director general de “Get on the Shelf utiliza el espíritu de la innovación estadounidense y les da a los clientes voz para seleccionar los productos que los ayudarán a vivir mejor.”

Hasta cinco productos ganadores serán elegidos para venderse en Uno o más de estos ganadores serán los ganadores del primer lugar al lograr el número mayor de pre-órdenes por clientes. El premio mayor es la posibilidad de vender sus productos en tiendas Walmart seleccionadas.

El concurso viral fue desarrollado por @WalmartLabs. Para obtener las reglas completas del concurso y las instrucciones de inscripción, visite

Walmart Announces Second Year of ‘Get on the Shelf’ Competition

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Walmart has kicked off its second year of the ‘Get on the Shelf’ contest that uses social media and crowd sourcing to give entrepreneurs a chance to get their product noticed by potential customers and potentially sell their products online with or in select Walmart Stores.

The contest is open to a wide range of products, but this year Walmart has a special interest in seeing US-made products as part of its commitment to domestic sourcing.

Entrepreneurs, business owners and inventors have until July 31 to submitt a video featuring their product at

“We’re calling on entrepreneurs and inventors from across the country to help us discover the next big thing. In return, Walmart is giving them exposure to millions of potential customers,” said Joel Anderson, President and CEO of, in a written statement. “Get on the Shelf taps into the spirit of American innovation and gives our customers a voice in selecting the products that will help them live better.”

Walmart merchants, informed by public voting, will select up to 20 product finalists that will be featured in an original web series produced by VIMBY, The Mark Burnett Digital Studio. Viewers will determine the weekly web series’ winning item to be sold on One of more of these winners will be selected for a rand prize winner based on the number of online pre-orders from customers, and could potentially be sold in select Walmart stores, according to the press release.


For complete contest rules and submission instructions, visit 


Lawyer asks U.S. Attorney General to Investigate Possible Voting Rights Act Violation in L.A.

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A lawyer who is already suing the city called on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on Wednesday to begin an investigation into possible Voting Rights Act violations he alleges occurred during Los Angeles’ recent redrawing of its council district lines.

“There are people being disenfranchised in Los Angeles, and they are minorities,” attorney Leo Terrell said. “And Mr. Holder, they’re being disenfranchised by minorities, by the mayor and by (Councilman) Herb Wesson.”

In a letter to Holder, Terrell pointed to a “preponderance of evidence” in a lawsuit he filed on behalf of a group of residents in the Eighth, Ninth and 10th City Council Districts that he contends shows city officials illegally used race in 2012 to set district boundaries.

“I am respectfully requesting that you become an intervening party to our lawsuit and that your staff assigned to violations relating to Voting Rights thoroughly investigate the sequence of events that led to the filing of (the lawsuit),” he wrote in the letter.

“This case needs urgent consideration to bring those to justice who blatantly disregarded the law for their own benefit under the color of authority,” he added.

Yusef Robb, spokesman for Mayor Eric Garcetti, and a spokesman for Wesson declined to comment on Terrell’s accusations, citing the ongoing litigation. A spokesman for the City Attorney’s Office, meanwhile, said Terrell was misinterpreting the law governing the redistricting process.

Terrell pointed to a memo written by Bernard Parks Jr., chief of staff for his father, Eighth District Councilman Bernard Parks, that alleges an aide for Wesson – the 10th District Councilman and council president – rejected a proposed add-on to the 10th District by saying, “There were too many Mexicans” in that area.

Terrell accused Wesson of trying to maintain a black voting bloc in his district in order to keep black politicians in power, saying the councilman was caught on video saying as much to a gathering of ministers at a Baptist church in July 2012.

Terrell contended black residents “were disenfranchised from the Eighth and Ninth Districts and put into the 10th District to serve Herb Wesson’s ultimate dream of making a black seat permanent.”

Parks Jr. claims in his written account that Wesson’s 10th District was never a majority black district. The document is posted on Parks’ council website, along with other memos that were released in response to public document requests.

The area that prompted the “too many Mexicans” remark referred to an area in the Eighth District between Jefferson Boulevard and Vernon Avenue, from Western Avenue to Arlington Avenue. That area consisted of 4,501 black residents and 8,304 Latino residents, according to an emailed analysis that was included with with Parks Jr.’s memo.

“Apparently Mr. Wesson has an insecurity problem” about whether his district would have enough black residents,” Terrell said.

The attorney repeatedly emphasized that race is prohibited by law from being used as a reason for drawing district lines.

“And to me, it’s embarrassing for an African-American council president to use race as a basis,” he said.

A district can be drawn to retain a naturally occurring ethnic or racial population, Terrell said, adding that “the government should never be involved in making decisions based on race.”

Frank Mateljan, a spokesman for the City Attorney’s Office, wrote in an email on Wednesday that Terrell’s “characterization of the law is incorrect.”

“Race can be a factor in setting up district boundaries,” he said.

“It just cannot be the predominant reason.”

A separate lawsuit was filed in August on behalf of five Koreatown residents who accused city officials of using race as the basis for council district lines that split Koreatown between Wesson’s district and then-Councilman Garcetti’s 13th District.

L.A. County Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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The Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to pay $750,000 to settle a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the mother of a 38-year-old schizophrenic man electrically stunned and hogtied by sheriff’s deputies during his arrest.

The money will go to Barbara Batchan, the mother of Parrish Batchan, who lapsed into a semi-conscious state after deputies used a stun gun to take him into custody in Vernon on Dec. 29, 2008. He died more than three years later, on Feb. 29, 2012.

The confrontation with deputies occurred after Batchan walked naked through traffic, pounding on passing cars, according to court documents. When he jumped onto a van and smashed the windshield, Deputy Omar Bobadilla fired his stun gun at Batchan, who kept on walking.

His mother’s attorneys said deputies ultimately hogtied Batchan, applying enough pressure to his back to cause him to go into cardiac arrest.

Batchan was taken to County-USC Medical Center and subsequently transferred to a long term care facility, where he died, according to sheriff’s department documents.

Just two days before Batchan died, jurors deliberating the civil case brought by his mother deadlocked, with the vote 6 to 6.

A summary prepared by county attorneys said, “The deputies contend that they acted reasonably under the circumstances, however, in light of the potential for high exposure, and the uncertainties of litigation, a full and final settlement of the case … is recommended.”

A review by the sheriff’s Executive Force Review Committee ended in “appropriate administrative action,” according to the summary.

Lawyers for both sides reached a settlement in February. The board’s vote formalizes that agreement.

County Supports Federal Plan to Invest in Early Childhood Education

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The Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 on Tuesday to support a federal plan to invest $75 billion in early childhood education.

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, who urged his colleagues to send a letter to President Barack Obama and congressional leaders in support of the plan, called universal preschool and early learning programs a priority.

“It is a strategic investment in our future,” he said.

California could receive up to $335 million in preschool funding during the plan’s first year, according to Ridley-Thomas. State matching funds are required under the plan.

Supervisors Don Knabe and Michael Antonovich cast the dissenting votes.

Knabe said he was concerned about where the money for such programs would come from. He cited Los Angeles Universal Preschool, a nonprofit which funds preschool for about 11,000 children using tobacco tax revenues from First 5 LA, as an example of a program dependent on a declining revenue base.

“I just think it’s unsustainable,” Knabe said.

Ridley-Thomas pointed to studies showing the importance of early education to lifetime success and noted that the United States ranks 25th in public spending for early learning among developed countries.

“Investing in early learning during the first five years of a child’s life is critical, with significant consequences for a child’s long-term health and emotional well-being if they are not enrolled in preschool or early education programs,” Ridley-Thomas said.

Garcetti Announces Infusion into City’s Summer Young Adult Job Program

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Mayor Eric Garcetti on Tuesday announced a $1.7 million infusion of cash into the city’s annual summer jobs program that he said will provide more than 5,000 jobs to Los Angeles youth.

The Hire L.A. Youth Summer Employment Program received $1 million in tax money collected in Council District 13, the area Garcetti previously represented as a councilman. Just before he became mayor, he transferred the money from the district’s discretionary funds that were left over after the city’s redevelopment agency was dissolved.

Two banks, JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs, donated the rest of the money.

The summer jobs pay $8 an hour, last 120 hours over six weeks and are available to city residents aged 14 to 21. Eligible youth must also be receiving public assistance, be a foster child or homeless or have families considered low-income.

Garcetti, speaking at the Dunbar Hotel in South Los Angeles, said youth who earn job experience will have an edge with future employers.

He also called on more private groups to donate to the summer jobs program and thanked the two banks that have already donated.

“It’s tremendous to see Wall Street understand the importance of Main Street,” Garcetti said. “None of us can do this on our own. Working together, we can prepare our young people for the future while strengthening L.A.’s workforce and economy.”

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