Super Health Agency Needs To Be Super Coordinated

October 1, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

The decision by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to form a super health agency to improve health services by placing the county’s three separate health agencies under one top leader could work.

At least for a while and depending on how long it takes for each health service area to start complaining their department is being short-changed or under appreciated.

It seems to us that the people needing County health services will be better served by a system that can coordinate all the services a person needs to achieve a better health outcome. Health problems often have many components and quality care should be able to encompass the dynamic issues that contribute to mental health issues and diseases like diabetes, as well as resulting quality of life issues that can lead to homeless and chronic health problems.

A young person may need dental, pediatric and mental health counseling and coordinating those services is likely to lead to greater follow through by the patient.

Physical and mental health services in this county are too often provided in a disjointed manner that results in many patients not receiving all the services they need because paperwork or referrals are lost in a bureaucratic maze.

We believe coordinating patient information through a centralized intake process that is connected to the County’s various health service areas will especially benefit those who have difficulty navigating the complex system due to language, age or disability barriers, keeping them from falling through the tracks.

When all health services are under one umbrella, it should be possible to develop a system akin to what more private health care providers use.

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