Tear Gas Used to End Standoff In Highland Park

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A man who allegedly threatened to kill his father was arrested Tuesday following a five-hour standoff in the Highland Park area, authorities said.

The 33-year-old man, whose name was not immediately released, was transported to a hospital after police used a stun gun to subdue him, said Officer Liliana Preciado, a Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman.

No one else was injured during the standoff.

Officers were dispatched around 10:15 p.m. Monday to a report of a man with a knife threatening to kill a relative at a residence on Meridian Street near North Avenue 52, according to the LAPD.

Responding officers demanded the suspect exit the residence, but he refused and barricaded himself inside of the home, at which time a SWAT team was called, Preciado said.

An officer at the scene told KNX Newsradio that five rounds of tear gas were used to try to flush the man out of the residence before he finally emerged, still combative, forcing police to use a stun gun to get him into custody.


Man Killed in Alleged Gang Shooting

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A 26-year-old man was killed in an apparent gang-related shooting in Boyle Heights, police said Monday.

Officers were dispatched about 8:30 p.m. Sunday to investigate a report of a shooting at the intersection of First and Gless streets, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

They found the wounded victim lying on the street between two parked vehicles, police said. Paramedics took him to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead, according to the LAPD.

The victim’s name has not been released.

“The motive appears to be gang related,” police said.

Anyone with information about the killing was urged to call detectives at the LAPD’s Hollenbeck Station at (323) 342-8960 or the station watch commander at (323) 343-4100. After-hours and weekend calls should be directed to (877) LAPD-24-7.

Anonymous tips can be submitted through Crime Stoppers by calling (800) 222-TIPS or at the website lacrimestoppers.org.

Police Videos Should Be Routinely Released to the Public

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The latest demonstration of police misconduct and abuse under the color of authority is clearly seen on a video recently obtained by the Los Angeles Times by order of a Los Angeles Superior Court judge.

Had the Times not made the video public, the actions of Los Angeles Police Department Officer Richard Garcia may have escaped public scrutiny, to the detriment of Los Angeles residents and police officers who perform their duties with honor.

In the video, Garcia is seen kicking a man being held down by two other officers. Over the next 10 seconds, Garcia punches and elbows the man in the head and knees him in the back.

The other two officers move away, while Garcia continues to press his knee into the man’s back for two minutes, only stopping when other officers pick up and drag the handcuffed man to a patrol car.

It’s important to note that the man in the video, identified as Clifford Alford, Jr., was handcuffed as the abuse was administered.

The video was taken in 2014 but only just released because the court ordered the LAPD to make the video available to the media outlet.

The LAPD continues to fight efforts to require that videos involving arrests and alleged incidents of abuse by police be released to the public.

As the LAPD continues to step up its use of officers wearing cameras, we believe it’s time for the department to change its stance and make the video recordings available to the public. Doing so will promote greater transparency in the department’s dealings with the public, and help restore the public’s trust of officers who are supposed to protect them.

The amount of time the LAPD gets to review the videos before their release to the public should be kept to a minimum.

EGP believes that the charged atmosphere surrounding police arrests and officer-involved-shootings would likely not become so volatile and in some cases be de-escalated with greater transparency from the department, especially when there is a video available.

Giving Angelenos the opportunity to view actual video, rather than speculate what went down, will allow them to determine for themselves if a police officer’s actions were justified.

In our view, the majority of cops are upstanding and should not be thrown into the same barrel with the bad apples. However, in cases like that involving Officer Garcia, good cops must be more aggressive in stopping the types of abuses seen on the video, and those that occur out of sight of the camera lens, both for their own good and the good of the department.

The public needs to be assured that its police officers, and the LAPD hierarchy, especially Chief Beck, will not just turn a blind eye on the abusive actions of their fellow officers.

Breves de La Comunidad

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Boyle Heights

(CNS) – Un hombre de 26 años murió en un tiroteo, supuestamente vinculado con actividad pandillera en Boyle Heights, de acuerdo a un reporte de la policía el lunes 22 de agosto.

El incidente ocurrió a las 8:30 p.m. el domingo, 21 de agosto, en la intersección de las Calles First y Gless. De acuerdo a la policía, cuando los oficiales llegaron al lugar del tiroteo, ellos encontraron al hombre herido, tirado en el suelo en medio de dos vehículos estacionados.

Fue entonces cuando los paramédicos lo trasladaron a un hospital en donde murió, según el Departamento de Policías de Los Ángeles (LAPD).

Aun no se ha publicado el nombre de la victima, y no lo será hasta que sus familiares sean contactados.

Cualquier persona con información relacionada es urgida, por las autoridades, a contactar a los detectives a cargo en la Estación del LAPD en Hollenbeck al (323) 342-8960.

Pistas anónimas también pueden ser reportadas por medio de la línea de asistencia “Crime Stoppers” al (800) 222-TIPS o visitando la página web lacrimestoppers.org

Highland Park

(CNS) -Oficiales del SWAT de Los Ángeles arrestaron a un hombre la mañana del martes, 23 de agosto, después de un enfrentamiento en el área de Highland Park, de acuerdo a las autoridades.

El hombre, de 33 años de edad, fue trasladado a un hospital luego que un policía usó una pistola paralizante para contenerlo, de acuerdo a Liliana Preciado, oficial de la sección de relaciones públicas del Departamento de Policía de Los Ángeles.

Alrededor de las 10:15 a.m. se reportó que el hombre estaba amenazando de matar a un familiar con un cuchillo en una residencia ubicada en la Calle Meridian y la Avenida Norte 52, según la policía.

Cuando los oficiales llegaron, el hombre se atrincheró en la residencia y no quiso cooperar con la policía. Fue entonces cuando el equipo del SWAT fue llamado resultando en el arresto.

Ninguna otra persona, aparte del hombre, fue lesionada.

Highland Park

(CNS) – Un bombero se lesionó mientras combatía las llamas de un incendio en el área de Highland Park el sábado, 20 de agosto.

El incendio sucedió un poco después del medio día en un hogar desocupado en el 419 N. Avenue 54. Las llamas fueron contenidas a 18 minutos después de la llegada de los bomberos, de acuerdo a Margaret Stewart parte del Departamento de Bomberos de Los Ángeles.

‘Black Lives Matter’ Petitions Demand LAPD Chief’s Ouster

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Black Lives Matter activists who have been camped outside Los Angeles City Hall since early last month delivered a petition with more than 8,000 signatures to Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office Monday to demand that he fire police Chief Charlie Beck.

The activists were joined by the mother of a woman who died in a detention cell earlier this year, actor Matt McGorry and representatives of the Asian American, Latino and faith communities.

The delegation handed over two boxes of signatures, gathered through an online petition at Color of Change, to Deputy Mayor Jeff Gorell, Garcetti’s adviser on public safety issues.

Gorell said he will pass the signatures on to Garcetti, who has been out of town for most of the 28 days that Black Lives Matter activists have staged a sit-in outside City Hall. The sit-in began after the Police Commission upheld the actions of officers involved in the fatal shooting of 30-year-old Redel Jones, a black woman.

Over the past several weeks, Garcetti has attended the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, taken a four-day vacation and is now observing the Olympics in Rio as part of a delegation seeking to host the 2024 Olympics in Los Angeles.

Before leaving on his trips, Garcetti expressed strong support for Beck. He said he offered to meet inside City Hall with a small delegation from Black Lives Matter, while suggesting that he does not want to be met with shouting. The activists have responded by calling for a public meeting with the entire group.

Black Lives Matter member Jasmine Abdullah Monday characterized Garcetti’s absence as part of a pattern that began when he appeared to “run away from us” at other protests and encounters with the group.

Abdullah warned there will be “political consequences” if Garcetti continues to ignore them.

“We are not sitting out here just to sit out here,” but are taking actions such as circulating the online petition and amassing more support from the community, she said.

“If you really care about this city like you say you do, and you want to win in this next election, you better come home,” Abdullah said, directly addressing Garcetti in what she jokingly described as a “love letter.”

She acknowledged that Garcetti has offered to meet with five of the Black Lives Matter members in his office, but she such an arrangement puts their group at a disadvantage.

“They are doing what they do best, which is divide and conquer, and try to pick their leaders,” she said. “We decided he needs to come downstairs.

“It’s all right, he can come downstairs, these are his stairs, and ours, he can come talk to everybody as a whole.”

After being pursued from public event to public event by Black Lives Matter members, and since being shouted down at a South Los Angeles town hall by the group’s members, Garcetti has had minimal engagement with Black Lives Matter members.

He has instead increased his interactions with other faith leaders, nonprofit organizations, activists and even hip hop artists like The Game and Snoop Dogg, often referring to these relationships as evidence black leaders are working with his office and the Los Angeles Police Department to improve policing and public safety.

Despite LAPD’s roll-out of community policing and other programs to enhance relations with black and minority communities, Black Lives Matter activists contend LAPD still has the highest number of police shootings of any department in the country. They also allege Beck has been too lenient on officers who have fatally shot residents, and is unresponsive to families regarding the deaths of people in police custody.

Lisa Hines, the mother of Wakiesha Wilson, a 36-year-old black woman who was found dead in her cell on Easter Sunday, spoke during the news conference Monday about her experience trying to find her daughter after she failed to show up for a court hearing.

Hines said the police department unnecessarily delayed telling her of her daughter’s death, and that she had to make several phone calls to the LAPD before she was given a phone number – without any further explanation – to the coroner’s office.

“If this was your child and you were looking for her, and somebody gave you a number to call … and when you do call the number, the coroner’s office answers, what would be going on in your body mind and soul?” she said.

Hines said she is “still devastated” and has so far not gotten any more information about how her daughter died, which she blames on Beck.

“He’s the leader of the police station, and all he can do at the Police Commission meetings is sit there with a blank stare on his face when I’m talking,” she said.

The Black Lives Matter activists’ demand for Beck to be fired was echoed by representatives of other groups who also expressed dissatisfaction with the chief.

McGorry, who stars in the Netflix show “Orange is the New Black” and the ABC drama “How to Get Away With Murder,” said he was there “in solidarity with White People 4 Black Lives,” a group of white people who support the Black Lives Matter movement.

McGorry, noting that Black Lives Matter activists “have been camped out here for nearly a month now and have been requesting a meeting,” said Garcetti’s absence comes off as “incredibly disrespectful.”

He added he was recently “disgusted” by an encounter with an officer who casually assured him that he shouldn’t “worry,” because “we beat him up,” apparently referring to a person involved in a police incident in his neighborhood.

“A police chief that has an environment that allows that to be OK, a police community where that can thrive … is not okay,” McGorry said.

Audrey Kuo, from API for Black Lives, said, “We are rising in solidarity with Black Lives Matter Los Angeles and we are demanding that Eric Garcetti fire Chief Beck.”

Adolescente Muere Tiroteado Por Policías en Boyle Heights

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Un joven de 14 años murió durante un enfrentamiento con agentes policiales el martes, 9 de agosto, después que el muchacho disparó en la dirección de los oficiales mientras huía, afirmó una declaración oficial del Departamento de Policías de Los Ángeles (LAPD).

Jesse James Romero, originario de Los Ángeles, murió en el lugar del tiroteo, de acuerdo a el médico principal forense, Ed Winter.

El incidente ocurrió un poco antes de las 6 de la tarde en el área entre las Calle Breed y la Avenida Cesar Chavez, de acuerdo al LAPD.

Todo empezó cuando los oficiales respondieron a una llamada reportando a dos muchachos, entre las edades de 14 a 16, vandalizado el vecindario con graffiti posiblemente relacionado con padillas, dijo Robert Arcos, jefe adjunto del LAPD, durante una conferencia de prensa realizada el miércoles, 10 de agosto.

Según el reporte, cuando los policías encontraron a los dos sospechosos uno empezó a correr en dirección este sobre la Calle Cesar Chavez.

“De acuerdo a un testigo, el muchacho huyó de los agentes y les disparó mientras corría. Fue entonces cuando uno de los oficiales se involucró en el tiroteo”, dijo Arcos.

No se dio confirmación si los oficiales estaban bajo ataque cuando uno de ellos le disparó al joven, ya que los oficiales todavía están siendo entrevistados, djo Arcos. Pero sí aclaró que ninguno de los policías resultaron heridos.

Los policías involucrados llevaban puestos cámaras de video las cuales grabaron imágenes que serán analizadas durante la investigación que está en pie.

Una foto en grande fue mostrada, durante la conferencia de prensa, del arma encontrada en el lugar del tiroteo por la policía. Según Arcos, el arma es un revolver que estaba cargado y será analizado para obtener muestras de ADN y huellas digitales.

En un recuento inicial, Meghan Aguilar, detective del LAPD, declaró que oficiales parte del equipo de control de pandillas se habían involucrado en una persecución a pie con los sospechosos en el área cerca de la Calle Chicago y la Avenida Cesar Chavez.

Desde el inicio del presente año, cuatro oficiales policiales han recibido disparos en contra de ellos y dos fueron heridos, dijo Arcos.

“La tragedia de este incidente no puede ser subestimada”, dijo el jefe adjunto.

“Vivimos en una comunidad en la que el crimen continua elevándose, particularmente la violencia pandillera, y lo ocurrido subraya la necesidad de programas juveniles de prevención que ofrezcan oportunidades y otras alternativas para nuestros jóvenes”, agregó.

La madre de Romero, Teresa Domínguez quien trabaja empacando vegetales, dijo a KPCC en un entrevista que su hijo “era un niño bueno”.

“El no hizo nada violento”, dijo enfatizando que su familia ha vivido en Boyle Heights por seis años.

Lourdes Miranda quien dijo haber conocido al joven, declaró en una entrevista con KPCC que el adolescente “andaba en pandillas” pero que era “un buen muchacho”.

Miranda agrego que a veces los muchachos son tontos ya que piensan que comportase de cierto modo los hace “cool” pero que últimamente no merecía lo que le paso.

“El era inteligente, era amable y era bueno en sus estudios”, dijo Miranda. “Siempre era respetuoso y callado”.

El tiroteo fue el segundo que ocurrió el martes, involucrando a oficiales del LAPD.

A eso de las 2 de la mañana, otros oficiales hirieron a un hombre, de unos aproximados 30 años, cuando él intento huir durante una parada de tráfico.

El incidente ocurrió en el bloque 5500 de la Calle Nordyke cerca de Eagle Rock. Otra arma también fue encontrada en el lugar del incidente por los policías. Después del enfrentamiento, el hombre fue trasladado al hospital y se encuentra en situación estable.

Teen Killed in Officer-Involved Shooting

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BOYLE HEIGHTS – A 14-year-old boy killed in an officer-involved shooting in Boyle Heights was seen by a witness firing a handgun in the direction of officers before he was shot, police said Wednesday.

No officers were injured in the shooting, which occurred at 5:50 p.m. Tuesday in the area of Breed Street and Cesar Chavez Avenue, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Jesse James Romero of Los Angeles died at the scene, said coroner’s Assistant Chief Ed Winter.

At a news conference this morning at police headquarters, LAPD Deputy Chief Robert Arcos said officers had gone to the neighborhood on a report of vandalism involving “gang writing,” and that the suspects were described as being about 14-16 years of age.

Arcos said officers spotted two suspects, and one fled on foot.

“According to a witness, who saw the subject running from the officers, the witness saw the subject shoot a handgun in the direction of the pursuing officers,” Arcos said.

He said the pursuing officers heard a gunshot as they approached a corner during the pursuit.

“As the officers rounded the corner, one of the officers became involved in an officer-involved shooting,” he said.

Arcos told reporters he could not say if the officer who shot Romero was under fire at the time the teen was shot. The investigation was “ongoing” and officers were still being interviewed, he said.

Officers were wearing body cameras, and the recorded images will be part of the investigation, Arcos said. Also, Arcos said he could not say if Romero was involved in gangs.

At the news conference, police displayed a large photo of what they said was a loaded revolver that was recovered at the shooting scene. The handgun is being tested for DNA and fingerprints, Arcos aid.

In an earlier briefing from the scene of the shooting, LAPD Detective Meghan Aguilar said Gang Enforcement Detail officers had gotten into the foot pursuit with suspects in the area of Chicago Street and Cesar Chavez Avenue.

Arcos said that so far this year, the department has had four officers fired upon and two who have been shot.

“The tragedy of this event cannot be understated,” he said. “In a community where violent crime continues to rise, particularly gang crime, this event underscores the need for youth programs and outreach to provide opportunities and alternatives for the youth of our communities.”

Teresa Dominguez, who said she is Romero’s mother, told KPCC radio her son “was a good boy.”

“He didn’t do anything violent,” she said, noting that the family has lived in Boyle Heights for six years, and she works as a vegetable packer.

Lourdes Miranda, who said she knew Romero, told KPCC the teen “was in the gangs” but he was “a good kid.”

“He was smart. He was friendly. He did good in school,” Miranda said.

“Very respectful, never disrespected anyone. Always quiet.”

She added: “Kids are dumb. They think it makes them cool or whatever.”

Ultimately, however, “he didn’t deserve this,” Miranda said.

The shooting was the second on Tuesday that involved LAPD officers. Officers shot and wounded a man shortly after 2 a.m. Tuesday during a traffic stop in the 5500 block of Nordyke Street near Eagle Rock, according to the LAPD.

The suspect in that shooting, a man in his 30s, was hospitalized in stable condition. A handgun was recovered at the shooting scene, police said.

Persecución Automovilística Acaba con Muerte de Hombre a Manos de Policía

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Un hombre que murió después de un enfrentamiento con la policía en Boyle Heights, el jueves 28 de julio, fue identificado el viernes por el Departamento de Policía de Los Ángeles (LAPD).

Omar Gonzalez, de 36 años, inicialmente huyó de una patrulla cuando lo intentaron parar por sospechas de robo del Nissan Altima que manejaba. Una persecución procedió la cual acabó en un callejón sin salida en el bloque 1200 de la Plaza Atwood a las 7:45 p.m., según las autoridades.

Fue entonces cuando Gonzalez, quien era el pasajero del vehiculo manejado por Annel Martinez, de 26 años, se salio del carro e intentó ingresar una de las viviendas.

“Los residentes que estaban alerta a la persecución, intentaron detener al sospechoso cuando los policías llegaron y trataron de arrestarlo”, declara un anuncio policial.

El anuncio relata que el sospechoso luchó con los oficiales botándolos mientras se resistía. Fue entonces cuando uno de los oficiales le disparó al ver que Gonzalez llevaba una pistola semi-automática de .25 calibres que estaba cargada.

Una ambulancia trasladó al hombre a un hospital después de ser herido pero él murió, según el anuncio. La conductora del carro fue arrestada después del altercado.

Una investigación policial está en vigor dirigida por la División de Fuerza del LAPD, junto con el Sistema de Justicia e Integridad del Condado de Los Ángeles parte de la oficina del Fiscal del Distrito y con la oficina del Inspector General del LAPD.

Ninguno de los oficiales fueron heridos durante el enfrentamiento, de acuerdo al reporte oficial.

Coming Together at National Night Out

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Dozens of block parties were held across the Southland Tuesday night, drawing thousands of residents to join with local police officers, sheriff’s deputies and elected officials as part of the annual National Night Out crime-prevention event.

As many as 38 million people across the country were expected to take part in National Night Out activities, which annually takes place on the first Tuesday in August. Chief among its goals is to promote a partnership between the police and the community, which this year has been under greater strain due to some controversial police-involved-shootings and the ambush-style deadly assaults on police officers in recent weeks.

In Boyle Heights, the National Night observance included a peace march denouncing crime and violence.

LAPD National Night Out Santiago

(Office of Assemblymember Miguel Santiago)

Some cities, like Commerce, hosted BBQ-style block parties while other cities like Bell Gardens and Montebello held larger events at local parks that featured demonstrations from K-9 units, information booths and displays of public safety vehicles, to the delight of many children.

Started in 1984, National Night Out is billed as “America’s night out against crime.” It is sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch and co-sponsored by local municipalities and law enforcement agencies nationwide.

(City of Bell Gardens)

(City of Bell Gardens)

The event initially began as a call for people to hold small public gatherings in a take-back-the-streets show of community pride.

Over the years, the event has grown to include block parties, parades, movie screenings and picnics.

(City of Commerce)

(City of Commerce)

During the event, residents are encouraged to lock their doors, turn on their front house lights and join with neighbors, law enforcement and Neighborhood Watch leaders at local neighborhood events. Activities vary by event but generally include free food, police and fire displays, live entertainment and a chance to interact with city officials and local police officers.

Information from City news Service used in this report.


Hammer Attacks Unsolved: Police Need Public’s Help

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Police Tuesday sought the public’s help in their investigation of recent hammer attacks in Boyle Heights that left two injured.

In both apparently unprovoked assaults, the victims were struck in the head with a hammer, according to detectives at the Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollenbeck Division.

Suspect descriptions varied in both crimes, but investigators could not be reached to say whether they believe there is more than one attacker.

The most recent assault took place around 6:25 a.m. last Thursday near the intersection of Savannah and New Jersey streets. Police said the victim was walking his dog on the east sidewalk of Savannah Street when the suspect approached from the rear and hit him in the back of the head with a hammer.

The victim, whose name was withheld, ran to his home before being taken to a local hospital for treatment. He was unable to provide a description of the suspect, but a witness said the assailant was a white man with long brown hair, wearing a black baseball cap, a gray flannel shirt, and carrying a backpack.

The other attack happened around 7:35 a.m. July 9 near the intersection of South Grande Vista and Union Pacific avenues. Police said the suspect was seen rummaging through the victim’s belongings under a bridge overcrossing in that area on the west sidewalk of Grande Vista.

Police said the suspect struck the victim on the head several times with a hammer before the person lost consciousness, police said. The victim, whose name was not released, was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The suspect in the earlier assault was described to police as a Hispanic man, 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing around 160 pounds. Police said he is believed to be between 40 and 45 years old, and was wearing a yellow and blue striped shirt.

Anyone with information on the attacks was asked to call detectives at (323) 342-8900.

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