Homeless Advisory Group Seeking Applicants

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LOS ANGELES  – The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority is seeking individuals who have experienced homelessness to join an advisory group.

“The (Lived Experience Advisory Group) plays a vital role in providing the homeless lived experience perspective on much of the work we and our community partners throughout Los Angeles do with respect to ending homelessness,” according to a LAHSA statement.

LAHSA is hoping to expand the group to achieve broader geographical representation and a diverse set of perspectives, including single adults, families, transition-age youth, veterans, survivors of domestic violence, chronically homeless individuals, disabled persons and those who have re-entered the community.

The agency is also looking for demographic diversity in terms of age, race, ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation.

Candidates chosen to join the Lived Experience Advisory Group will not be paid, but will receive a transportation gift card. Light fare and beverages are offered at the group’s two-hour meetings, which are held the first Friday of each month.

New applicants chosen will be invited to attend the July 7 meeting.

The application deadline is June 6 and an application can be found online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZNFFM7K.

Bell Gardens to Count Homeless

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Volunteers will be canvassing the city of Bell Gardens for homeless living on the streets, parks or cars as part of the annual Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count, officials announced.

City personnel, members of the police department, neighborhood watch and the police explorers will conduct the count Jan. 26 to assist the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA).

Volunteers will document the number of homeless persons they locate without making physical contact, according to the city. The goal is to obtain an estimate of the unsheltered population in the city.

When completed, the tally will be forwarded to LAHSA, which uses numbers to advocate for aid and measures to address the local homelessness in the community.

Bell Gardens Community Development Director Abel Avalos told EGP the last homeless count in the city by LAHSA in 2011 estimated 195 homeless persons.

Residents who are aware of specific locations where transients typically reside are asked to contact Officer Victor Ruiz of the Bell Gardens Police Department at vruiz@bgpd.org or by calling him at (562) 806-7600.

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