Keep Pets Safe During New Year’s Festivities

December 30, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

(CNS) – While plenty of humans enjoy the New Year’s Eve festivities, their little pets may not enjoy the holiday nearly as much, Los Angeles Animal Services is reminding people Thursday while issuing a few safety tips to “ensure that your New Year’s celebration is enjoyable for you and your furry friends.”

Here are some tips the department issued Thursday:
– Keep your pet indoors, because many escape their homes because they are afraid of the loud sounds. In fact, New Year’s Eve and the days following are usually some of the busiest at city animal shelters.
– Create a calming environment if you are having guests over or a party, and try creating a safe place in your home where your pet can have some quiet time.
– Make sure food and drinks are out of reach, as alcoholic beverages are very toxic to pets and many rich foods such as chocolate can be toxic.
– Always make sure your pet has up-to-date identification.
– If your pet does get out or is lost, go to the nearest animal shelter, tell them that you lost your pet and give them specific information about what your pet looks like, if they are microchipped and if they are wearing a license or tag. To find the LA City Shelter locations, go to

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