Consulado de El Salvador en Los Ángeles Anuncia Esfuerzos para Apoyar a Damnificados

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El consulado general de El Salvador en Los Ángeles anunció el martes, 18 de octubre, acciones conjuntas con organizaciones de salvadoreños en el Sur de California para ayudar a los damnificados de las inundaciones en el país centroamericano.

Según se informó en rueda de prensa, asociaciones de salvadoreños se unieron al consulado para ofrecer su apoyo a los damnificados por las recientes inundaciones, causadas por las lluvias que no cesan desde hace más de una semana.

“Estamos coordinando con los organismos comunitarios jornadas de recaudación de fondos y ya tenemos una cuenta bancaria para que los interesados en donar puedan ayudarnos”, explicó a Efe el cónsul Walter Durán.

El representante diplomático invitó a los interesados a comunicarse con el consulado para averiguar sobre familiares desaparecidos o preguntar sobre la emergencia.

Como resultado de la iniciativa consular, “más de 30 organizaciones comunitarias y empresarios salvadoreños y latinoamericanos han ofrecido su ayuda”, señaló Soudi Jiménez, portavoz del consulado.

Igualmente se informó que hoy, jueves, se realizará otra rueda informativa para presentar los centros de ayuda establecidos y dar los nombres de las organizaciones que están participando en la recaudación de fondos.

El Parlamento de El Salvador decretó ayer tres días de duelo y amplió a nivel nacional el estado de calamidad, que era parcial, debido a las torrenciales lluvias que desde el pasado martes afectan el país y han ocasionado 32 muertos, 24 lesionados, unos 150.000 afectados y más de 32.000 evacuados.

“Estamos haciendo nuestros mejores esfuerzos para ayudar a nuestros connacionales”, concluyó Durán.

Operación “Gran Slam” Concluye con 23 Hispanos Acusados de Tráfico de Drogas

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La fiscalía de California informó el martes,18 de octubre, del arresto de 23 hispanos, la mayoría miembros de pandillas, acusados de tráfico de drogas como resultado de una investigación de 18 meses en el área de Whittier, al este del condado de Los Ángeles.

Las detenciones son el resultado de la operación “Gran Slam”, una fuerza especial de tarea que trabajó durante año y medio para desmontar una operación de distribución principalmente de metanfetaminas en Whittier, Santa Fe Springs y Pico Rivera.

“Los arrestos de hoy demuestran los resultados que se pueden alcanzar cuando las fuerzas de control del orden trabajan conjuntamente, para reducir la amenaza de las pandillas en nuestros vecindarios”, afirmó Timothy J. Landrum, agente especial a cargo de la DEA en California.

En total fueron acusadas 33 personas, de las cuales se arrestaron 23, seis están ya en la cárcel y cuatro se encuentran prófugas. Muchos de los detenidos están asociados con la pandilla Los Nietos que opera en el área.

André Birotte Jr., Fiscal del Distrito Central de California, informó que, de ser hallados culpables, los acusados enfrentan condenas en prisión federal de mínimo cinco años y máximo cadena perpetua.

Según se indicó, los fugitivos son Samoset Galván, de 33 años, residente de Rubidoux; Víctor “Boy” Prieto, de 24 años, residente de Downey; Jennifer Martínez, de 25 años de Whittier y Carlos “Dubbs” Mendiola, de 29 años, residente de Norwalk.

En la operación Grand Slam participaron agentes de la Fuerza de Tarea Los Ángeles HIDTA, una grupo formado por agentes federales y locales compuesto por oficiales del Departamento de Policía de Los Ángeles, la DEA, el Departamento de Policía de Glendale y la policía del Puerto de Los Angeles.

Otros organismos de control como el Departamento del Alguacil de Los Ángeles, la Oficina de Control de Alcohol, Tabaco, Armas y Explosivos, y el Departamento de Policía de Whittier, también colaboraron en la operación.

Five Practices That Help Small Businesses Avoid Hiring Mistakes

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Following a few simple tips can reduce anxiety over hiring.

The majority of small business owners go into business because they’re passionate about their field, or about making money in general. One aspect to growing a business entrepreneurs often find challenging is hiring the right staff members to suit their goals.

SurePayroll, an online payroll service, recently surveyed its small-business owner customers and discovered that three out of four have made hiring mistakes on at least one occasion that have cost the company thousands of dollars. In an office of few employees and tight cash reserves, a mistake that slows down business and takes away from the bottom line can be detrimental.

Having a hiring plan in place, just like you have a business plan or marketing plan, makes all the difference. If you know what you want and need before you start looking for candidates, you’ll save time and money.

Michael Alter, president and CEO of SurePayroll, offers this checklist of five questions you can add to your hiring plan to help avoid some of the most prevalent hiring mistakes.

1.  Is the candidate a cultural fit?
Figuring out if this is a “yes” should be first and foremost, even before you dig into a candidate’s skills and experience. Especially in a small business, cultural fit is more important than many other attributes since hiring an employee who doesn’t fit can result in lower office morale.

If your office is a “jump-in-and-get-it-done” type of environment where employees of all levels are expected to perform menial jobs along with their main duties, you probably don’t want to hire someone from a large corporation who worked in specialty positions to take on the grunt work. Or if you run a fun, casual and creative environment where employees brainstorm business ideas while playing foosball, you may want to play a game of foosball during the interview to ensure the candidate enjoys working in that way.

2. Have at least two employees interviewed the candidate?
In many small businesses, it’s the business owner or office manager who chooses the candidates. Chances are you or the manager will not be the only people working with the candidate. Besides you, at least two employees should interview the candidate and be able to answer “yes” to the question above about cultural fit.

3. Can the candidate pass an assessment test for skills-based positions or a drug screening for a labor role?
Just because a candidate looks good on paper doesn’t mean he or she will be able to follow through with excellent work.

Whether you’re hiring a copywriter who must have an excellent grasp on grammar or a Web programmer who needs to be proficient in HTML, skills testing will provide a detailed look into how a candidate is capable of performing. Additionally, if you’re in a business that uses drivers, people performing physical labor or other positions that require alert, sober employees in place to avoid serious accidents, drug tests are an absolute necessity. Experts in toxicology say that 75 percent of illegal drug users are employed, and most work for small and midsize businesses.

Providing skills assessments or drug testing is easy, and many companies, including SurePayroll, provide online access to these services at a very reasonable rate. Visit for more information.

4. Can the candidate pass a background check?
Background checks will ensure you’re not risking your business by hiring a violent criminal, white-collar criminal or illegal alien. With nearly half of all small business job applicants submitting resumes with false information, going the extra mile to have professionals check for red flags can help keep your business out of harm’s way. As part of the service, the company performing the background check will call a candidate’s references. In addition to the references the candidate provided, ask the candidate for permission to call former employers listed on the resume. If they don’t provide permission without good reason, take that as a red flag.

Like skills assessments and drug testing, many companies provide affordable background screening services to small businesses.

5. Does your gut say the candidate is a good fit?
And finally, do a gut check. If something doesn’t seem right about a candidate or their work history, trust that feeling. Sometimes candidates are better at telling a good story in an interview than they are at performing a job or showing up for work.

Fewer Homes In County Slipping Toward Foreclosure

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The number of Los Angeles County homes slipping toward foreclosure dropped by 11.3 percent in the third quarter of the year, compared to the same period in 2010, a real estate information service reported Tuesday.

Lenders sent default notices to 14,367 homeowners in Los Angeles County in the third quarter, down from last year’s third-quarter total of 16,189, according to La Jolla-based MDA DataQuick.

In Orange County, default notices were sent to 4,817 homeowners, down 2.5 percent from the 2010 third-quarter total of 4,938.

Statewide, default notices were sent to 71,275 homeowners in the third quarter of the year, DataQuick reported. That was a 25.9 percent jump from the previous quarter’s 56,633 notices but down 14.4 percent from the third quarter in 2010, when 83,261 default notices were sent.

“The way it looks right now, it’s reasonable to expect default filings to run at a somewhat higher level than we saw earlier this year,” said John Walsh, MDA DataQuick president. “Obviously, some lenders and loan servicers have begun to plow through their backlogs of delinquent loans more aggressively.”

Default notices do not always lead to a home foreclosure, according to DataQuick. Some homeowners emerge from the foreclosure process by bringing their payments current, refinancing or selling the home.

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