With 6 Deaths So Far, County Steps Up Mosquito Warnings

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Los Angeles County health officials, joined by Supervisor Janice Hahn, went door-to-door Monday as they began a public-outreach campaign warning residents about West Nile virus and the dangers of mosquito bites.

“Here in L.A. County there are mosquitoes currently carrying the West Nile virus,” Hahn said. “So far this year there have been 98 cases of individuals with West Nile virus and six confirmed deaths.”

Health officials noted that there were 17 new cases of West Nile virus in the county last week alone, highlighting the continuing danger of mosquito-borne illnesses — which also include the Zika virus.

“Mosquitoes can carry serious and even deadly diseases, and every precaution should be taken to protect yourself and your family from bites,” Hahn said.

Hahn and the county announced the “It’s Not Just a Bite” public health campaign, aimed at spreading the word about the need for residents to protect themselves against mosquito bites.

Paramount among the recommendations is the warning to clear properties of standing water that can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Even a small puddle of water can attract the insects and endanger residents, officials said.

Residents were also urged to wear mosquito repellent when outdoors, noting that people over 50 and those with existing health conditions are most at risk of developing serious health issues from West Nile virus.

Information about the West Nile and Zika viruses is available online from the county Department of Public Health at www.publichealth.lacounty.gov/media/Mosquito-Borne-Disease.htm.

Symptoms of West Nile virus can include fever, body aches, rash, nausea, vomiting and headaches, but many people who are infected may not show any symptoms. About one in 150 people could develop more serious problems, such as brain inflammation or paralysis, health officials said.

Mosquito season in Southern California generally spans the months of May to October, but health officials said this year’s season could stretch into November.

Southern California Edison Offers High School Scholarships

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High school seniors planning to study science, technology, engineering or math in college are urged to apply for Edison International’s $1.2 million Edison Scholars Program.
The deadline is Feb. 1.
Each year, the parent company of Southern California Edison selects 30 high school students in SCE’s service territory as recipients of a $40,000 scholarship paid over four years.
Since 2006, Edison International has awarded $5.3 million in scholarships to 520 Edison Scholars.
“We strongly encourage high school seniors from SCE’s service area who will be pursuing STEM studies in college to apply for the Edison Scholarship,” said Tammy Tumbling, SCE’s director of Philanthropy and Community Investment. “We know that the costs associated with STEM education are high and can be a deterrent for underserved, low-income students,” she said.
“That’s why we offer 30 scholarships so we can help a greater number of students realize
their dreams.”
Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA or above and either live in or attend public or private high schools in SCE’s service area. They must also demonstrate financial need and plan to be a full-time undergraduate student majoring in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering,
computer engineering, industrial engineering, computer sciences/info system, environmental engineering or environmental sciences at a four-year college or university.
To apply and get additional eligibility information, go to: scholarsapply.org/edisonscholars.
Scholarship recipients will be announced in April. Edison Scholars may also be eligible for summer internships at SCE after completing their second year of college.oyed by Angelenos for decades to come.”

L.A. Child Asks for Pope’s Help

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A 5-year-old Los Angeles girl got a personal papal blessing Wednesday when she slipped through a barricade in Washington, D.C., while Pope Francis was being driven by, and he waved her over.

Sophie Cruz managed to get around a metal fence as the Popemobile made its way down Constitution Avenue. She caught the pope’s eye, and the pontiff — known for interacting with people in crowds — waved the girl over.

A security guard carried her to the pope, who embraced her and kissed her head before turning her over to her father, Raul. The little girl handed the pope a letter urging the pontiff to talk to President Barack Obama about immigration.

“For the immigrants, they are good people,” she wrote in Spanish in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by ABC News. “…Because they deserve to come out of the darkness and be recognized for the hard work that they do, like my dad, who I almost never see.”

She also handed the pope a hand-drawn picture, depicting the pope holding hands with a line of five children. The photo is captioned “My friends and I love each other, no matter the color of our skin.” She also gave the pope a yellow shirt, which according to Rep. Tony Cardenas, D-Panorama City, is worn by supporters of Hermandad Mexicana. Sophie and her father were among the members of the organization who received tickets from Cardenas’ office to watch the pope’s speech to Congress, scheduled for Thursday.

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