7 Temporary Shelters Opened in County-Owned Gyms

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With a series of storms in the forecast this week, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority announced Monday the opening of seven temporary shelters to augment facilities it already operates.

Most of the authority’s winter shelters, which are located throughout the county, opened in November and December, and have beds for about 2,000 people. The additional seven locations will be able to temporarily house 1,131 people, according to the authority.

Four of the additional shelters will open tonight, while three more will open tomorrow night. Information on locations and transportation to reach them is available at www.lahsa.org or by calling 211.

The additional shelters are located in county-owned gymnasiums.

Sheriff’s and Housing Authority officials have been reaching out to homeless people living in riverbeds and flood-control channels to warn them about the impending rain and encouraging them to take advantage of the shelters, according to the authority.

Prompted by the storms, Los Angeles County’s health officer has declared a cold weather alert for mountain areas and the Antelope Valley, where the wind chill could drop below freezing.

The alert for county mountains will be in effect through Friday, while the alert will be in effect through Wednesday in the Antelope Valley.

“Children, the elderly and people with disabilities or special medical needs are especially vulnerable during such cold snaps,” said Dr. Jeffrey Gunzenhauser, the county’s interim health officer. “There are places where people can go to stay warn, such as shelters or other public facilities.”

Cold weather precautions include:
— dressing in layers of warm clothing;
— protecting extremities by wearing a hat, scarf and gloves;
— not leaving pets outdoors overnight;
— if outdoor generators are used, placing them at least 10 feet away from doors and windows to avoid exhaust gases entering the home; and
— installing carbon monoxide detectors.


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