SpaceX Marks New Milestone in Space Travel

July 6, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

SpaceX’s first-ever reused Dragon capsule successfully returned from a supply mission to the International Space Station Monday, splashing safely down in the Pacific Ocean.

The Hawthorne-based aerospace firm launched the spaceship in early June and spent 30 days in space. The mission marked the first re-flight of a Dragon capsule that had already flown to space once before. The capsule previously flew a mission in September-October 2014.

The Dragon spent 28 days docked to the International Space Station, delivering several thousand pounds of scientific experiments and equipment to the space station and returned to Earth with some of those experiment results.

After two aborted takeoffs, SpaceX on Wednesday successfully launched a communications satellite into orbit from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The launch was originally scheduled on Sunday, but was delayed due to a computer issue. The company tried again Monday, but the launch was scrubbed with just 10 seconds left on the countdown clock.

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