Group Supporting Montebello Libraries Recruiting New Members

June 1, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

A volunteer group that raises money for libraries in Montebello is looking for new members.

The purpose of the Montebello Friends of the Library “is to raise money for the support of the Montebello libraries and to advocate for libraries in general,” according to Margot Eiser, a member of the group.

Funds raised by the group pay for materials, equipment and programs at the two Los Angeles County libraries located in the city — the Montebello Library at 1550 W. Beverly Blvd. and the Chet Holifield Library at 1060 S. Greenwood Ave.

The group’s main source of income comes from the sale of donated used books and DVDs at a volunteer-run bookstore located inside the Montebello Library. Eiser said more volunteers are needed to run the bookstore, which currently opens five days a week for two hours each day. The group could use more donations of books and DVDs, she said, adding there are many other ways people can help.

Membership applications are available at both libraries. To find out more, visit the bookstore or email or visit their Facebook Page.

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